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Friday, November 1, 2013

{Blog Hop Challenge} CLEAN OUT YOUR E-READER (#COYER) hosted by Fantasy is More Fun & Because Reading is better than real life

My blogger buddy, +Michelle from BECAUSE READING IS BETTER THAN REAL LIFE is hosting a challenge and I had to sign up for it because...

I have a kindle freebie, netgalley, one-click problem.

It's bad. But it's so good. But it's so bad.

I can include any book I got for free or paid less than $4.99 for. This includes ARCs, kindle freebies, gifts, one-clicks, etc.  I just have to review them on my blog, on goodreads, etc. The trick is to read as much as I can squeeze in and clean out this e-reader!

I'm separating them into categories to try and be organized about this! I will update this list with strike-throughs and links as I complete it! *gulp*

And I know! This is a HUGE list. I read about 4-5 books a week on average, so it IS possible, but...YIKES. :D Here goes nothing! 

ARCs / BLOG TOURS / NETGALLEY freebies / <$4.99 / gifts
Neverlove Deer in the Headlights
They All Fall Down Snake in the Grass
Demon Dance
Released (Mia Fox)
Rogue's Pawn Alert the Media 
Rogue's Possession
Attempting Elizabeth Xander's Chance
Clutch (I am Just Junco #1)
Charred Heart
Soul Resurrected                               
Shattered Skies #1
The Curse of Malenfor Manor
Hidden Gates
Broken Gates 
Open Gates
Revelation of Blood
To Catch Her Death
Bitter Like Orange Peel
Bad Boy Rock Star
Fire Bolt
Little Red Gem
The Goddess's Wishes
Feeling Death
Embracing Death
Shattered Skies #2 (DNF)
My Way Book 1
My Way Book 2
Death is But a Dream

ZOMG This is another busy month. I kinda go nutso with the tours, huh? I have some life changes coming up, soon, however, so I will need to cut back on the blog tours that include reviews. :( Sucks, but c'est la vie. Don't you worry though! I plan on signing up for plenty of spotlights and guest posts because I LOVE telling y'all about authors and their newest works! :) 

Update: November 26, 2013 -- 23 done for COYER. Geez. I love it, but it's been hard!

Update: November 28, 2013 -- I didn't get to all the ones I wanted to, but I'm pretty pleased with what I did. Of course, all I did was read this month. Not that I'm was AWESOME! Thanks to Fantasy is More Fun and Because Reading for hosting this! <3 mwah="" p="">

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