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Review Policy

August 2014:
Thank you so much for being interested in sending me a review copy of your book! 

I am currently NOT accepting review copies. 

I have a long list of NetGalley books I need to review. And the books I have bought myself are piling up and begging to be read! I am also branching out my proofreading and editing services with a business partner and will need to devote more time to that!  

Exceptions to the rule: If I've previously worked with you or reviewed your book, I will by all means accept and agree to review your newest book honestly! 
Review Policy:

I accept both physical ARCs and e-books. 

Preferred e-ARC format: mobi or epub

If you have a physical copy, please email me at and I will provide you with my postal address (I'm in the USA).

My favorite genres include:

  • Urban Fantasy, both YA and Adult
  • Paranormal Fantasy, both YA and Adult
  • Paranormal Romance, both YA and Adult
  • Dystopian, both YA and Adult
  • Steampunk, both YA and Adult
  • Fantasy, including high and dark, both YA and Adult 
  • Science Fiction, both YA and Adult
  • Historical Fiction, both YA and Adult
You can see what I’ve read on my shelf and what I’m interested in reading by looking at my TBR shelf!

Please note that I will not read and review all books received as I am sometimes overwhelmed with requests (like now! lol). If I do not finish a book because I did not find it appealing, I will not review it or rate it. I cannot and will not guarantee a high rating when I read and review your book. I like to keep my reviews honest without spoilers. 

My reviews are usually written "from the gut" - I'll gush over what I liked, I'll say what I didn't like, if there are grammar issues, word choice issues, or I'll point out if I got knocked out of "Reader Zone", etc.  However, I do NOT hate read. If I don't like the book or am not connecting with it, I'll label it as a DNF and stop there. 

I do NOT have a rating system on the blog. I only use the star system on GoodReads and Amazon because it's there. I think my reviews speak for themselves as to how much I liked or did not like something. I'm probably a softer reviewer than others, but that's okay. I like how I do things. :) 

Thank you so much for considering me as a reviewer! I look forward to connecting with you! 

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  1. Hi Tiffany,
    Do you also host promotions? I mean book spotlight/ author - character interview?
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    Summary ~from Goodreads~

    When Anne and Neil leave on a one-week holiday hoping to reconcile after a two-year separation, little do they know that destiny has other plans for them. Their discovery of human bones and a bejeweled cross in the hollow of a tree open the door to the supernatural realm and the anguished life of Genevieve, a nun from medieval England.

    Can Anne save her relationship and help Genevieve her eternal rest?

    The twists and turns in this paranormal tale keep the reader guessing up to the end and weave themselves together into a quest to rekindle love.

    Thank you for your time!
    Best regards,
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Thanks for taking the time to connect with me! Happy reading!