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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lace One Skein Wonders

Received this from the publisher via NetGalley.

Currently, due to personal finances etc., the following statement is not true. It USUALLY is however: My yarn stash competes with my book stash.

I am a knitter. Not a particularly good one, but a knitter. I dive into projects before assessing if I even KNOW that stitch. I won't tell you about the sweater that ended up a vest with horrible proportions. Just know that the Saxon Braid cable down the front was my first attempt at cable knitting and it came out SPECTACULAR. The sweater/vest not so much. ;)

This is a beauty of a book and perfect for people like me. One skein of lace, one little project, CHECK. Despite the cover pictures, I was imagining fluffy projects of intricate lace that looked like little fluffs of cloud and was thinking "LACE oh god...." remembering my horrible attempts with super lacy fluffy yarn, wrong needles, etc.

These patterns are lovely and confidence-inspiring. Easy to read charts, but even better are the ones that are written out for me IMO. Simple, easy to follow instructions, beautiful pictures that your project can aspire to, etc.

The galley was nice; I cannot wait to get the book. It releases September 10th!