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Monday, June 29, 2015

Tagged by Kory Shrum!

One of my favorite authors got a Liebster blogger award thing where she was asked questions and has to tag 11 others and ask them 11 original questions. And she tagged ME!

You can see her original post here:

I'm going to cheat, however. I'm answering the questions, but then I'm going to ask that you guys tag yourselves and steal her questions. I've been inconsistent with blogging since last fall with a new job, and then my stage IV cancer diagnosis, so blogging has fallen behind a bit and I don't feel like I know 11 people enough to tag them! And I wouldn't want to do a random tag.

Here are the questions Kory asked and my answers!

If you’ve been tagged above, here are the 11 all new, original questions I have for you to answer if you choose to participate in this Liebster Award.
Here are the rules I need to share:
– Answer the 11 interview questions
– In that post, link back to the person who awarded you.
– Choose 11 other bloggers to award, focusing on those with 200 followers or below.
– Link to those bloggers in your post, then go and leave them comments to share the good news!
– Be sure to ask them 11 original questions.

1. What fictional character do you want as your best friend? Samwise Gamgee, hands down. He has a heart of gold, is loyal, and determined.

2. When you are writing/blogging, do you have to have a snack? If yes, what? I'm toying with plotting and writing lately. Chemo is a good 4 hours of sitting around and thinking. I haven't been doing much blogging lately, but when I was, I didn't really snack while blogging. I don't like my keyboard getting gross.

3. What is your first memory of writing/blogging? My first blog wasn't actually about books. I started blogging on a site called Xanga. It was a really fun community and I became friends with many people from all walks of life. In fact, I just met three Xangans this summer and another internet friend who I met through another Xangan.

4. Who has been your biggest fan so far?  I don't have any fans. LOL

5. If you could have one super power what would it be? The power to heal, both myself and others. I'd visit children's hospitals and cancer wards and animal hospitals and heal heal heal.

6. What “gets you in the mood” to write/blog?  When it was a personal blog, it was something that pissed me off. Nowadays, I blog to share about books I read, products I'm trying out, and my cancer. Although I'm falling behind on all three. I don't really want to write about my cancer. I'm living it. That's enough. And I don't want to be totally honest about it online because I don't want my family or friends to read it and realize how much it sucks. I'm doing really well with remaining positive and would like them to keep that in mind the most.

7. What book has been most influential to you and your writing/blogging? Not a single one in particular. I started writing reviews on amazon and goodreads about some of the books I've read. But I don't have anything that is influencing me to blog or write or anything like that.

8. What job would you HATE to have? A butcher or a slaughterhouse worker. I couldn't do it.

9. Do you want to be a rich, famous, or admired? (Only 1 and why?) Rich. I have no desire to be famous or admired. But with money, I could solve a lot of problems for both myself and my friends, I could change the world with enough money to start a charity, to set up a charity in perpetuity, etc.

10. How long have you been writing/blogging and how long do you think you’ll write/blog? My first blog started back in 2003 or so. Maybe earlier. So it's been about 12 years. I'll probably keep some form of blog forever. It's my new way of journaling.

11. Tell us about your real or imaginary “happy” place. A house by the sea, with a heated pool in case the ocean is too  cold to swim in. It will have a large library with cozy seating, a large fireplace, and cozy dog beds so that I  can read with my pups near me. Outside by the pool will be large comfy bed like seats to watch the ocean and write on a laptop or enjoy a book while enjoying the fresh air. That's what I need: sea, books, dogs, and the internet.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

{Book Review} Wasted Lust by JA Huss

Wasted LustWasted Lust by J.A. Huss

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This comes out in a few short days and I cannot wait to buy it and read it again. I received an early reviewer's copy and it was definitely NOT disappointing.

I outright stole the reading order for you from Michelle New's review. So here it is. And yes, you need to read them.

***Reading Order***

Rook & Ronin:
Tragic, Manic , Panic
**we meet Ford and Spencer in this series.

Slack, Taut
**we meet Merc and Sasha in Slack *Syd is referenced*

Bomb, Guns
**we meet ‘James’ and Merc gets a mention or two.

James & Harper:
Come, Come Back, Coming For You
**Sasha, Merc and the whole gang show up.
**Jax appears in the epilogue

Three, Two, One: Jax is introduced (Ark’s brother)

Meet Me in The Dark: Merc & Syd’s story brings us back to Sasha.


Sasha Ashton, formerly known as Sasha Cherlin, is all grown up. And she's a successful post-grad student, living her life, her away from the Company life. But life isn't all sunshine and roses. She's harboring secrets from her adoptive parents, a secret that keeps her terrified, she harbors longing for Nick who abandoned her ten years ago, she harbors longing for life, true life.

Jax Barlow is an Agent. And he's determined to use Sasha as means to an end. But he wasn't expecting who Sasha is and what that might mean for him.

This book was one of those books where you snarl at anyone who dares interrupt the beauty of all that this is. The twisty little ties coming together to form a complicated, celtic knot of love, loyalty, deceit, murder, psychosis, friendship, and all the other ties that bind.

And you know what? That's my review. I'm not saying a damn thing more. Read the series in order. Get a handle on what The Company is, what it means, look for all the subtle clues that have been woven throughout, and then get this book. This Sasha chapter. And then ask yourself: could you have survived?

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Review: The Heiress of Linn Hagh

The Heiress of Linn HaghThe Heiress of Linn Hagh by Karen Charlton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a wonderful mystery that intrigued me from the get-go. A young woman goes missing from behind a locked door; was she spirited away by fairies?

As the tale is told and the lead detective, Lavender, discovers clue after clue, I found myself really wrapped up in the story. I was just as curious as the detective and muttering my own findings as the tale went on.

The book felt true to the timeline, from each description to weapons and mannerisms, and talking. This was a great read.

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Review: Blood and Bone by Tara Brown

Blood and BoneBlood and Bone by Tara Brown

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hot. Damn. Okay, I remember requesting and getting approved for this book through NetGalley, but with all the crap going on in my life, and per my usual, I didn't bother to reread the synopsis. So I jumped into this, ready to rock, and it was not what I expected at all.

It was much better than I expected.

I didn't know who she should trust, what was going truly, and then to find out that I didn't even know.... you know what? I won't spoil it for you.

Mystery? Check. Romance? Check. Suspense? Double check. Thriller? Check. Mindf**k? CHECK.

Sin and Swoon, a second book is coming out this summer and I cannot wait to get my greedy little hands on it. BLOOD AND BONE totally wowed me with a well-woven and well-wrought story. I flipped back a few pages on my kindle, convinced I missed something, convinced she (author) had to have given me a clue before...and nope! Fantastic!

Don't think this ends on a cliffhanger. It's tied up neatly. Wrapped tight. But definitely leaves room for another story or more and I can't wait to continue! In the meantime, I think I'll go hunt down some more Tara Brown books and start her other series. Cuz...Wow.

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Review: Red by Alyxandra Harvey

RedRed by Alyxandra Harvey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This review is long overdue. With medical crises and what is now my new life, my reading had been pushed to the wayside and I finally am picking up and getting my reviews out. My profuse apologies to Entangled Teen and the author for being so late when you so graciously granted me a review copy!

With that being said, now to the review. This deserves every single gold star I can give it. Let's start with the cover. I'm not a complete cover junkie, but I have to admit that covers can lure me in. This cover is stunning in its simplicity and totally drew me in, making me want to read.

But that cover is nothing to the story inside.

Loosely, you can consider this a re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood. This is a fairy tale re-telling turned on its ear, made supernatural, and written in such a manner that you're gonna be guessing for most of the story.

I don't want to give away a single thing, so I will leave this review by saying: Ms Harvey...I hope you write more in this world. This was my introduction to your work and now I have to go add more of your books to my TBR.

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