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Review Policy

August 2014:
Thank you so much for being interested in sending me a review copy of your book! 

I am currently NOT accepting review copies. 

I have a long list of NetGalley books I need to review. And the books I have bought myself are piling up and begging to be read! I am also branching out my proofreading and editing services with a business partner and will need to devote more time to that!  

Exceptions to the rule: If I've previously worked with you or reviewed your book, I will by all means accept and agree to review your newest book honestly! 
Review Policy:

I accept both physical ARCs and e-books. 

Preferred e-ARC format: mobi or epub

If you have a physical copy, please email me at and I will provide you with my postal address (I'm in the USA).

My favorite genres include:

  • Urban Fantasy, both YA and Adult
  • Paranormal Fantasy, both YA and Adult
  • Paranormal Romance, both YA and Adult
  • Dystopian, both YA and Adult
  • Steampunk, both YA and Adult
  • Fantasy, including high and dark, both YA and Adult 
  • Science Fiction, both YA and Adult
  • Historical Fiction, both YA and Adult
You can see what I’ve read on my shelf and what I’m interested in reading by looking at my TBR shelf!

Please note that I will not read and review all books received as I am sometimes overwhelmed with requests (like now! lol). If I do not finish a book because I did not find it appealing, I will not review it or rate it. I cannot and will not guarantee a high rating when I read and review your book. I like to keep my reviews honest without spoilers. 

My reviews are usually written "from the gut" - I'll gush over what I liked, I'll say what I didn't like, if there are grammar issues, word choice issues, or I'll point out if I got knocked out of "Reader Zone", etc.  However, I do NOT hate read. If I don't like the book or am not connecting with it, I'll label it as a DNF and stop there. 

I do NOT have a rating system on the blog. I only use the star system on GoodReads and Amazon because it's there. I think my reviews speak for themselves as to how much I liked or did not like something. I'm probably a softer reviewer than others, but that's okay. I like how I do things. :) 

Thank you so much for considering me as a reviewer! I look forward to connecting with you!