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Saturday, December 1, 2012

First Post!

Greetings, interwebs!  I am starting a new blog. I used to keep one that was full of personal rantings. And while that was fun and cathartic, ultimately I found myself locking it down and not wanting people to know my struggles and trials. It's been several years and has long since been deleted, but now I'm back!

This one will be focused on books I am reading, knitting projects if I find some yarn, BzzAgent Campaigns and perhaps a little bit of my World of Warcraft life! I play Horde ;) I might also talk about my newly found love of korean dramas. Boy, do they know how to make you cry! Such emotion with such little gestures. Sigh.

I am completely ignorant of HTML and how to make all those fancy widgets and whatnot, but as I learn, this place will get a bit fancier. :)

I'll post brief reviews of books I am reading here as that is the main reason I am starting this blog. Some are ARC (Advanced Reader Copies) I was lucky enough to be approved for. When I win those kinds of giveaways, etc., I do my best to give a honest, and as spoiler-free as possible, review on goodreads and

The first one is an ARC for:

Description: In an ancient Japan where the incursions of gods, ghosts, and demons into the living world is an everyday event, an impoverished nobleman named Yamada no Goji makes his living as a demon hunter for hire. 

With the occasional assistance of the reprobate exorcist Kenji, whatever the difficulty — ogres, demons, fox-spirits — for a price Yamada will do what needs to be done, even and especially if the solution to the problem isn’t as simple as the edge of a sword. 

Yet, no matter how many monsters he has to face, or how powerful and terrible they may be, the demons Yamada fears the most are his own!
I am excited to get started reading! I tend to read a few books at a time lately. I don't know if I'm developing an attention deficit problem or if it's out of pure selfishiness for the magic books bring me!  I am also currently reading  Beyond Black by Hilary Mantel and am eager to get started on book two of  The Gray Tower Trilogy by Alesha Escobar 

Currently Watching: My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox with Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah DramaFever
Currently Listening: Trap by No Min Woo from the OST from My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox
Currently Reading: See above! :)