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Monday, October 3, 2016

And my blogging days are at an end...or at least few and far between *edited*

Hi all!
Thanks for following me and reading my blatherings the last few years. As you can see, I really slowed down with blog posts, I stopped doing tours, I stopped down promotions, etc. I was burnt out and then I got sick.

If you didn't already know it, I have stage IV colon cancer. This staging used to be called "terminal" cancer. Now it is referred to as "incurable but treatable." I'm treating it like any lifelong disease, as if it is high blood pressure (which I have!) or diabetes (which I have!), but the side effects of fighting it are numerous and fatiguing. And so my burnout turned into something longer.

Blogging just is an energy expenditure I don't want to do any more. I love reading you all and admire all your dedication and passion that you put into your blogs, but I just don't have it for blogging the way I used to anymore.

I'm still reading books and reviewing, just no longer posting to my blog as often. If you're interested in what I'm reading, you can find my reviews at Goodreads and on Amazon (amazon link will take you directly to my profile).

Edit: After I posted this, my heart ached. So I'm keeping the blog open. I just won't be doing it daily like I did before. This whole year has shown I've barely blogged this year. But maybe I'll ratch it up again. ;)

I'm working full time, product testing when I can, reading, visiting my niecelette as often as possible (she's a year and a half old and just the best thing ever in my life!), hanging with friends, trying to live my life as normally as possible. I have a ton of knitting projects that are all works in progress and can sit for months at a time in my bag. I have started writing a novel. I have the bare bones outline and now just need to write it all out! And now I'm on the warpath to FINISH ALL THE THINGS.

Life is short. Grab onto it with both hands, get out there, and LIVE. You are made of stardust and fire and light and passion. Find the things that make you happy, get rid of the things that do not make you happy, and love all the things.



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