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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

{COYER CHALLENGE} Tell Tiffy a Tale! -updated

It's my turn to host a challenge for COYER! YAY! This is the first time I'm hosting a challenge and I have to admit I'm quite excited!

My challenge will run from January 28 through February 10th. 

You will have 2 weeks!
Ideally, you will read 2 fantasy books during this time (or have already for COYER)

And then...

You tell Tiffy a Tale! 

In a comment here on the blog, tell me a short (2 paragraphs or so) story using / incorporating lines from the two books you've read. 

Lines should be chosen from the following pages: 1, 37, 98, 117, 225, and 328. If your book isn't that long, choose a line from the last page of your book. You can of course adjust pages as needed, but I thought with page guidelines, it would give you something to work with and make it easier. 

I'm a ninny and forgot about page numbers and ebooks. 
SO... Instead please choose lines from
the following percentages:

 15, 28, 37, 78, and 89!

Don't forget to let us know which books you pulled from! 

What do you win?! 
I will choose two winners at the end. 

Winner will receive any $15 or less book from
The Book Depository 
(anywhere it ships; can be 2 lower priced books as long as it doesn't go over $15 or so)

Runner Up Prize
Any Kindle Book from Amazon $4.99 or less, your choice

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