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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

{FBoftheW} Chain of Title by Robyn Roze

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Robyn Roze
Author of the Romantic Suspense/Thriller, Chain of Title

Book synopsis/description:
~ Heroic deeds. Monstrous acts. Events that will leave one woman’s world
spinning out of control. ~

Shayna Chastain’s marriage crashed and burned. She walked away, bruised, but
not broken, without so much as a glance over her shoulder at her philandering
husband. Oh, his betrayal stung, but Shayna has experienced loss before. She
knows it comes for you when you least expect it.

Now feeling a bit past her prime and wanting a new direction in life, Shayna
reawakens the woman she remembers being before marrying Frank Chastain. She
wants a different life from the one she’s been living. However, she doesn’t have
much support from her family and friends who think she’s made a regrettable

Frank Chastain, Mt. Pleasant’s steely real estate mogul, begrudgingly signed the
dissolution papers Shayna forced on him. He never wanted to divorce the love of
his life. Always believed they could work it out.

She’ll be back.

He’s sure of it.

Now more than ever, he needs that to be true. Events have conspired in his life that could blow open the secret he’s been hiding. He needs Shayna to help him seal it shut, but it may already be too late.

Sean Parker owns an Italian restaurant that has become Shayna’s oasis, giving
her respite from the swirling storm around her. Their attraction is instant, but the
fallout will last a lifetime. Sean’s smooth, handsome exterior hides an unsavory
past that he walked away from years ago and has no intention of revisiting, or

If it’s really in the past, is it even anyone’s business? Sean sees no point in being
an open book. What matters is right now. And right now, there’s no way in hell
he’s going to lose the only woman he’s ever loved. The only woman he can’t live

But life doesn’t always let us keep our secrets. And these secrets are about to
explode to the surface with far-reaching, deadly consequences.

How well do you know the people you love?

Even the one's you've known most of your life...

**Mature themes and sexual content for 18+**

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I am a wife and mom who masquerades as an accountant by day. By night, or whenever I can fit it in, I live my childhood dream and write romantic suspense tweaked with some thrills. The heroines I create vary in age, life experiences and
skills, but all are independent and on journeys of self-discovery, which lends itself to a women’s fiction voice, as well. Now you know: I am an unrepentant genre
jumper. I may even decide to blend, or jump into, other genres along my writing path. Only time will tell, and that’s the really fun part: seeing, and reading, what happens next.

I hope you will consider joining me. And if you have the time, please visit any of the other web platforms I frequent. I love hearing from readers!

     “Just tell me which side you work for,” Shayna asked without judgment. A
stunned expression colored Sean’s face and then he laughed, shaking his head in 
apparent disbelief. She knew he was laughing at her naïveté.

His hands reached for her face, thumbs caressing her high cheekbones, his 
expression now stony serious. “Good or bad? Right or wrong? That’s what 
you’re asking me?” They were the first words he had spoken, and the deep 
rumble of his voice expertly plucked the strings wound tight in her body since this 
nightmare had begun. “You’d be surprised how often you can’t tell the difference. 
How often they want the same thing,” he said quietly in the dark, pushing her 
further away.

Shayna felt the cold armor reassembling around him. “I was done with all of 
this a few years ago. I’d paid my dues and left it all behind, with my ledger in 
the black. People owed me and I never intended on cashing in. Yes, I have skills 
that many people—good and bad—want to use, and I know others like me. We’re 
scattered around and come together when the situation requires it or when it suits 
us.” He waited, assessing her thoughtfully. “I have contacts higher up than you 
can imagine and lower than I would ever want you to know about.”

She processed his words as the pieces of the puzzle began to snap into place, 
and then she suddenly felt awash with guilt.

“I messed everything up for you, didn’t I? If it wasn’t for me, you’d still be 
in the black right now, but you’re not, are you? You owe someone now, or some 
people, don’t you?”

Sean huffed indignantly. “First of all, none of this was your fault. Second, 
if it wasn’t for our paths crossing, I can promise you, you never would’ve seen 
Danielle again.” Shayna gasped at the harshness of his words and the haunting 
memory of that same visceral nightmare she experienced nightly. “I need to leave, 
Shayna. This was a bad idea. I knew I should’ve left, not come here first. I just 
wanted to see you for myself again…one last time...”

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