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Sunday, April 13, 2014

{OPERATION MALLORY} The Works of Stephen C Spencer

If you're wondering about the title of this post, I'm participating in OPERATION MALLORY. Operation Mallory is an indie driven campaign to help out author Stephen C Spencer, a U.S. Navy veteran and cancer survivor. New artwork, new website, and us readers! The first book in the series is free, the rest are one-click priced from 99c to $2.99! Read on about the series, get hooked with that first freebie, and help spread the word by sharing this post! 

If you're a blogger or an author junkie like me and would like to help spread the word, check out Author A.K. Michaels' post here!

Dubbed "America's James Bond", Paul Mallory is a journalist working for the secretive Cramer
Corporation. They don't sell newspapers. Instead, they have equally secretive subscribers who pay a million bucks a year to find out about the news before it happens.

Paul is dispatched to report from the frontlines in what can only be described as immersive
journalism. Frequently Paul goes beyond merely reporting the news - he becomes a part of it.

The Paul Mallory series, written by US Navy Vet and cancer survivor Stephen C Spencer has won
acclaim from critics and readers alike. With four novels out and one on the way, the Paul Mallory
series has plenty to offer the keen thriller reader.

In 2014, Crimeways of Indiana are-releasing the entire Paul Mallory series with beautiful new covers:

For a limited time book one in the series, IT'S ALWAYS DARKEST, is totally free to download at

For the next month the Paul Mallory series is on the biggest book tour in internet history. Find out
more and get involved at

Amazon (these links redirect according to region automatically):
Book 1 - It's Always Darkest
Book 2 - The Devil You Say
Book 3 - Third Time Lucky
Book 4 - Middle of Nowhere
Book 5 - Ghost of a Chance is not out yet, keep an eye on Steve's website for updates. 
Short #1 Window of Opportunity -
Short #2 Role Reversal -
Steve's Amazon profile -

Stephen C. Spencer is the author of the increasingly-popular Paul Mallory series. Spencer lives in
central Indiana with his wife, Melissa, and their two children, Kaitlyn and Evan. Find out more about him at

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