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Sunday, April 13, 2014

{ARC Review} This Crumbling Pageant (The Fury Triad #1) by Patricia Burroughs

This Crumbling Pageant (The Fury Triad #1) by Patricia Burroughs

Persephone Fury is the Dark daughter, the one they hide.

England, 1811. Few are aware of a hidden magical England, a people not ruled by poor mad George, but the dying King Pellinore of the House of Pendragon.

The Furys are known for their music, their magic, and their historic role as kingmakers. When Fury ambitions demand a political marriage, Persephone is drugged and presented to Society--
Only to be abducted from the man she loves by the man she loathes.

But devious and ruthless, Persephone must defy ancient prophecy, embrace her Dark magic, and seize her own fate.

Be swept away into the first book of a dark fantasy series combining swashbuckling adventure, heart-pounding romance, and plot-twisting suspense.

About the Author:

Award-winning screenwriter and best selling novelist Patricia Burroughs loves dogs, books, movies, and football. A lifelong Anglophile, she treasures her frequent travels in the British Isles researching The Fury Triad, the epic fantasy that has taken over her life and heart. She and her high school sweetheart husband are living happily ever after in their hometown of Dallas, Texas.

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 I love fantasy books like this where the story is complicated, the descriptions rich, and the characters so well-described you can see them in your mind's eye, with sinister looks, ethereal beauty, or what have you.

You can read the description, so I will do my best not to rehash it, but as you can see, there are two Englands. There is the mundane/original England in the world as we know it with a mad King George and then there is the Magi England. The Fury family is part of Magi England and this is where the bulk of the story takes place. To cross from one England into another, one must travel through the fog, something young Persephone Fury discovers when she is abducted by the house tutor, Vespasian. After escaping, she returns a changed woman with a secret. Falling in love with the man who helped her home, she makes her debutante ball looking surreal and gorgeous, helped by her brother Cosmos. There is a strange and weird tension between the Fury family members and I did a lot of puzzling over it in the beginning. I think what I loved most was the description of the Furys' powers. Oh, to have Persephone's gifts. I think every musically inclined person would find her gift amazing and desirable.

This is fantasy at its finest, with love and darkness, plight and opportunity, and complicated twists and turns that hinge on Persephone's decision making. Is it fate or is it destiny or is it choice? This is only book one so we don't know where it will lead us, but the words of her goddess ring ominous for Persephone. She can choose duty & honor or love, but not both. One will have to be enough, so which shall it be? I, for one, am hooked and can only urge Patricia Burroughs to write faster in hopes that I may read on!

I received a print ARC to read and review. My opinions are my own. I do urge you to get this on May 6, 2014 when it releases if you love a well built world with multi-faceted characters and a not so happily ever least, not yet as far as I can see. 


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