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Sunday, March 9, 2014

{Author Spotlight} GREG T MEYERS -- with an offer for a free book!

Today, I am shining the spotlight on GREG T MEYERS and his book Solar Minimum!

About the book: Approximately every 400 years, solar flares decrease to a minimum causing a substantial temperature decrease on earth, but what else does the lack of solar flares effect? In 2040 the world is about to find out as they begin to learn that the laws of nature and science no longer respond in predictable ways. In the last period of solar minimum (1640), the world was still ruled by myth and tales of magic but what if that was due to the way the world was, not due to global ignorance?

In 2040, Western Europe is on the brink of war with a united Middle East and the United States has grown weary of being the world police. The U.S. tries to remain neutral until the Senate discovers they are already involved but on which side? The mask of political correctness obscures the battle lines and only a small senate committee headed up by the most senior senator Leroy Guiscard eventually sees through it and learns the plot is a global one.

Military domination of the West is becoming meaningless due to the Solar Minimum and it appears the next world war is about to be fought with swords and magic, not technology.

The rich and realistic storytelling of Greg T Meyers will leave you cheering and fearing that the impending Solar Minimum scientists are currently predicting just might have dire consequences for us all.

You can purchase the book at Amazon HERE

Greg T Meyers (1964) was born in the United States and graduated with degrees in Marketing and Psychology but after living in London, England he became fascinated with the European medieval period and spent the last 30 years of his life studying it.

Oddly enough, Greg rarely read fiction until he stumbled upon The Post Captain by Patrick O'Brien while in Panama. Being so drawn in, he read the entire 20 book series in short order and it was then he started entertaining the idea of writing a work of historical fiction himself. When asked what got him started writing Solar Minimum he said he was one day considering that everyone living today had ancestors that lived through the medieval period and that it is all a very real part of each of our individual past. It was then he started fantasizing what would happen if our trouble-ridden world were to plunge back into that period. "While life would certainly be harder, I think we would all be better for it spiritually," says Greg.

Greg began writing Solar Minimum in February of 2013 and finished all 575 pages in a short seven months. Solar Minimum is currently proposed to be a three book series with book two due mid 2014.

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