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Saturday, October 12, 2013


About Cynthia:

Cynthia P. O’Neill grew up in Clewiston, Florida and moved to Central Florida to attend college. There, she married her friend, love, and soul mate and still resides there with their amazing son, and a feisty, four-legged little doggie boy.

In her books, Cynthia draws on her background in healthcare and business, along with her husband’s engineering knowledge.

Several years after she got married, she started dreaming about the characters in I Remember. It took eight years before she decided that it needed to be told. With the encouragement of family and friends, she decided to bring Jordan and Gregory to life in a series of Young Adult, Paranormal Romances with a Historical bent. I Remember is the first in the series.

Cynthia’s first book is geared towards the Young Adult, Historical and Paranormal Romance fans. She does hope to grow as a writer and write in multiple genres, such as the Learning Series, which is a Contemporary/Erotic Romance filled with suspense and adventure. The first of this series is, Learning to Trust.

She tries to make her writing very personal and close to her heart. Regular life is the inspiration for her books, but her imagination takes them to new heights, opening up possibilities that would normally not exist.

1. What are the titles of your books, and tell me a little about each one.

I Remember – Remembrance Series, Book 1 (Loving You – Remembrance Series, Book 2 releases in November 2013). I Remember is a Young Adult/Paranormal Romance, with a historical bent, about two young individuals, Jordan Carlisle and Gregory Riley, who share a deep connection and love that defies explanation. The more they are together, the more they realize that they’ve lived and loved each other before. They discover, through the help of an unearthly visionary, that they are part of a greater prophecy where they are born time and time again until they are able to defeat the powers of the dark witch and her minion spirits. They have the ability to encroach on one another’s dreams and learn more about their past, unearthing clues and some supernatural powers, along the way. They hope to discover what happened in their past to cause their timelines to end and figure out who’s responsible before the darkness catches up to them. Each book takes you on a journey through their past (with literal transport to the past), while dealing with the conflicts caused by the dark spirits of their present, in order to plan for a possible future together. The more they are together, the stronger their powers will grow; but will it be enough to defeat evil or will they succumb to the darkness?

When the four books for Remembrance Series are done, they will spell out a sentence. To date it is known, “I Remember, Loving You…”

Learning to Trust – Learning Series, Book 1 (Learning to Let Go – Learning Series, Book 2 releases early 2014). Learning to Trust is New Adult/Erotica Romance about a young college graduate, Laurel Hart, with a Biomedical Engineering Degree from MIT, who’s experienced a horrific event in her life and has issues of trusting others, until she meets a handsome businessman named Garrett Andrews, who’s recruiting engineers for his boss’s company. When Garrett Andrews finds something that catches his eye, Laurel, he goes after it, letting nothing stand in the way of what he wants to possess. The first woman to arouse his heart could be the one person who helps him to finally open up and feel again. But, when Garrett finds out about Laurel’s past, all rules in regards to "relationships" are changed, because one false move could drive her away. He attempts to calm her nightmares and gain her trust so he can show her who he really is and the relationship he desires from her. Laurel accepts the position planning on making a new life for herself; letting nightmares from her past stay in the past, or so she thinks. Neither of them wants to date, but she finds herself drawn to him and Garrett uses every excuse to be near her. Together, they discover a connection that manages to soothe both their souls and starts opening them up to new possibilities. Will they be able to overcome the damage their hearts have encountered? Can they find happiness? Can they trust their minds or will life throw each of them another curveball? Only time will tell if they can learn to trust.

This book focuses on Laurel, showing her ability to trust again and opening herself up to the potential of new things, encounters and experiences. Garrett dominates in the bedroom, but he gives her free reign at work and life. His only desire is to protect her, even if it means the risk of losing her. Through his guidance, she grows as a person, but can she stand on her own when her nightmare comes back to haunt her and will Garrett be there to defend her? You have to read to find out. The second book, coming out early 2014, will focus more on Garrett and revealing some of his hidden past, answering the questions that were left open in the first book. The third book will be release Spring of 2014. If you like an alpha dominant male character, then this book is for you. Garrett has been compared, in reviews, to that of Christian Grey, but he doesn’t deal with masochism or much dominance. While Christian is about the pleasure through pain, Garrett is focused entirely on the pleasure.

2. What is your favorite genre to write? To read?
I’m currently writing in the romance genre with a Young Adult/Paranormal Romance Series and a New Adult/Erotica Romance Series. As for reading, I prefer anything on the romance spectrum; however, I occasionally enjoy a non-fiction and sci-fi book.

3. Is there anything about one of your books you totally hate and wish you could change, but everyone else seems to like?
So far no; however, one day it might happen.

4. Where do you do most of your writing?
I wish I could say that I have a special place to write, but I don’t. The location varies, pending the environment. When my hubby comes home from work, I often get an hour or two, while he tends to our son, writing at the desktop in our bedroom with the door closed. After they go to bed, I sometimes switch to my laptop at the dining table. I can pretty much write anywhere, though I prefer quite locations.

5. Who are your favorite authors?
Stephenie Meyer, E.L. James, Sylvia Day, Kimberly Knight, Raine Miller, Cat Miller, Nichole Chase, Jessi Gibson, Olivia Cunning, etc….the list can continue on and on. The majority of authors are indie favorites that I’ve come across and fell in love with their writing styles and stories. I could easily list twenty or more, but here are the ones that jump to mind instantly.

6. What's the one genre you absolutely will NOT write about? Why?
Horror. What is shocking is that I actually have a storyline for a horror book, but I refuse to write in that genre because it is just too spooky. I don’t watch the movies, don’t read the books and certainly not writing in it. Not that there is anything against that genre, but it just isn’t me. As the saying goes, “To each their own.”

7. Do you often use people you know as characters? And do you tell them if you do?
I have used combinations of different people to inspire characters, but I don’t write them into the books themselves. I use bits and pieces of their personality and an entirely different description within the books. Inspirational…yes. In the book as themselves…no. If I did decide to use the person, as they are, I would ask for their permission first. Though I will state that Jordan and Gregory in I Remember, is based off of how my husband and I met and are essentially us, just fictionalized and better looking. LOL!

8. Have you had any creepy fan experience yet?
Fortunately, no. I hope I never encounter one.

9. Does your family know about ALL the books/stories you've written, or are you keeping a few hidden?
My immediate family, including my mom and some relatives know everything; however, I am keeping the fact that I also write in the Erotica genre hidden from some. I know it will come out eventually; they will either support it or not. As long as I have the support of my husband, that’s all that matters.

10. Have you ever gotten a book-crush on one of your characters, and did your spouse/mate find out? Come on! If so, give us the juicy details!
Yes. I have very steamy dreams about Garrett Andrews in my Learning Series (Learning to Trust which is out now and Learning to Let Go coming early next year). Of course that’s how I come up with my ideas for the hot scenes in the book. I’m always testing different ideas in my mind that I haven’t seen in other books. My husband knows I dream about him and he’s ok with it; but I think it helps that I call him Garrett at times. He claims it adds some spice to us and I agree. ;-)

11. Last, but not least, is there anything you would like to say to your fans?
I want to say, “Thank You,” to all those who have bought either genre of my books. Your purchases, spreading the word to others, and leaving reviews keeps me moving forward to writing more and growing as an author. Without all of you, this would not be possible!

Learning to Trust – Learning Series (New Adult/Erotica Romance)

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