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Saturday, October 12, 2013


Cursed by Lizzy Ford
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Disclaimer: I received an ARC to read. This review was not required and it's my honest opinion. This book releases November 17th, which is approximately a thousand years from now. Good luck in waiting for it! :D

Warning: Lizzy Ford writes books that suck you into a vortex of "stfu I am reading" and when it spits you out at the end, you're basically on your knees begging for more or just shell-shocked at the cliffhanger. Actually, you're probably both. Just so you know.


Review: I can't even...I don't know where to start. I do my best not to give away ANYTHING in the book when writing my reviews and I've written and re-written this review a couple of times before walking away and coming back again. I really want to rant, I really want to praise, I really just want to stalk amazon and poke at Lizzy's assistants, publishers, amazon, and anyone that could possibly sneak me more on this story in any way possible.

Obviously, this book revolves around voodoo, the culture, the traditions, the legends. An urban gang named Loa Ogoun, after the god, formed after Hurricane Katrina to help protect and preserve the families of voodoo. There are four original families, three of whom still reside in New Orleans: Dubois, Touissant, and Igbos. The return of the fourth family is prophesied and with that return can come great evil.

Adrienne St Croix has won a scholarship to a prestigious school in New Orleans. She moves from Atlanta, Georgia to New Orleans to live with her father so she may attend this school. Jayden Washington is the hot quarterback, son of the rich “black Steve Jobs.” As Jayden starts school, his father reveals a secret family history to him. A burden, really.

Of COURSE you know that Adrienne and Jayden are bound to cross paths. She’s petite, pretty, and gifted with a marvelous voice and Jayden is the jock of the school, revered and desired.

I am fascinated by magical tales, voodoo, paranormal, etc. This was no different. Voodoo is especially fascinating for as much as is revealed and reported, there is so much more that is swept under the rug, hidden behind locked doors, and only passed down from family to family.

Even when you have multiple families working to preserve their ways, they withhold information from one another as you see Marie Touissant do from Candace Igbos. I am probably going to be the only one to say this, but…

I DID NOT LIKE JAYDEN WASHINGTON. There are characters in this book that I just couldn’t stand. I don’t know if it’s because I come from a more privileged (although not like Jayden’s) background than Adrienne does, but her father was REVOLTING. (And by privileged, I mean I have 2 parents who love me and when I was a kid, I was not given adult responsibilities like help me pay the rent!) I don’t see how any parent treats their kid that way! She’s not even an adult and she’s paying her own way?! I understand chipping in because times are hard and you want to ease the burden on your parents. I do. But then he turns around and chastises her with thoughtless, jerk statements like “that fancy puffed cereal you like ain’t free.”

Okay, so that’s her dad. But I didn’t like Jayden for the SAME reasons. Firstly, while his Uncle Tommy’s comments are messed up, Jayden has no love or respect for his grandmother. He dismisses her as crazy with her “voodoo” crap. You know, my grandmother was very superstitious as well and I never dismissed it. You, kid, are a rude, insufferable jackass. Then, he is thinking about how attracted he is to Adrienne, but since she’s poor and his daddy is rich, “can’t be anything serious between us but I wanna have a little fun and won’t be told I can’t by anyone!” You typical jerk male. UGH! *slaps him*

I also didn’t like him for lying to Adrienne, not warning her of the malicious intent from Kimmie (that selfish, vicious COW) that he KNEW about well ahead of time (he could have WARNED Adrienne!!!!), and then he is dismissive towards her as well, after asking for a tarot reading and dismissing it TO HER FACE as “a card trick.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? And she is STILL fawning over him? No. Just no.
No amount of money makes this kid worthwhile. Besides, he’s 17. It’s not his money anyway. It’s his father’s! Just because the dad is rich doesn’t mean this kid will be. The dad could leave it all to charity or his sisters. Not that Adrienne really thinks about his money; she’s bowled over by his handsome looks. She does think about it, but not in a money-grubbing, gold-digging way. Still, I’d rather she choose Rene, who is very what-you-see-is-what-you-get. I want Adrienne to be with Rene. Rene is rough on the outside, but gooey on the inside. He has this strict street code he sticks to that I find honorable and admirable. Jayden better be doing a whole lot of self-sacrificing, heroic, white knight on a fiery steed kind of crap in the upcoming books if she is going to choose him. (Are you listening to me, Adrienne? So far the one who is looking out for you and cares if you end up in a ditch isn’t Jayden; it’s Rene!)

Adrienne has to face some hard truths about the sister whose disappearance she is looking into. She already knew that Therese had crossed the line into black magic (blood magic) and its evil ways, but she didn’t know just HOW much. And oh look…another betrayal from someone that is supposed to be on her side. How is she ever going to learn to trust the right person? While I pitied her, I was also frustrated with her on this point.

The story is twists and twines and reaches faaaaaaaaar back into the past and messes with the present. And you just KNOW that the resolution should lie with the Chosen, the Devil, and the Warrior. And you THINK you know who is who, but then…you’re wrong. Or are you?!
So as I’m getting all revved up, CLIFFHAAAAAAAAANGER. Major things happen and then no matter how hard I was tapping on my kindle, it stubbornly remained at 100%. I can’t…I can’t even.
Hi, my name is Tiffany and I’m officially a LizzyFord-addict. There is no cure.

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