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Monday, June 24, 2013

Review: DEJA VOODOO by Elle James

Title: Deja Voodoo
Author: Elle James
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Publishing Date: June 24, 2013
Length: 233 pages
Source: Publisher for an honest review

A little magic goes a long way… Alexandra Belle Boyette is closing in on the big 3-0 and her mama has made it her mission to marry her off. In the tiny parish of Bayou Miste, deep in the Louisiana swamps, finding suitable hubby material can be a challenge—and Alex would rather not rely on magical spells to do the trick. But there is a sexy new man in town who might fit the bill... Ed Marceaux is in Bayou Miste to safeguard a key witness to a Louisiana Mafia murder. He must keep an eye out for suspicious characters—but the place seems to be full of them! What could be stranger than a woman dressed in a sexy nightgown chasing a naked man down the street? The enchantingly gorgeous Alex Boyette certainly makes it worth his while to find out… Add a Voodoo spell gone wrong, and voila! madness—and love—ensues.

A_TiffyFit's Review
 This was a thrilling read! Hot, steamy romance, great action, and characters who really leap off the page with their personalities. I have to admit, I fell in love with the Boyette clan. Their names, their personalities, their adoration and love for one another.

Alex is an independent woman who adores and loves her family and owns a gym. She helps her mother out with her siblings, is a steadfast friend, but despite her protestations, she's a little lonely. Enter her matchmaking mother and the hunky Ed Marceaux, her mother's new vacation cabin renter. Their first meeting is quite something and had me giggling as I imagined it: a hot, well-built man running butt-naked down the street chased by two women, one in a see through nighty and black lace panties... lol

I've never been to Louisiana, but from reading other novels, watching television and movies (I'm sure exaggerated, but still that's my exposure to it!), and from the author's descriptions, I felt like I was a part of the book. Nicely detailed movement within the book (through the town, the swamp, etc). Hell, I would love a little bit of this voodoo in my life. Lucie and her grams can come up with a little voodoo bag for me any time!

As the story unfolds, Alex and Ed are each fighting their attraction towards one another, extreme lust and chemistry turning into something more. But Alex wants to stay in Bayou Miste to help her mother and keep her business, and Ed's from Baton Rouge over 2 hours away. Plus, he's being a bit weird and shady at times...what is he keeping from her? Well, we the readers know that it's because he's undercover, but Alex doesn't.

I love romance books where you have two strong characters with chemistry who fall in lust and then in love with one another. I love thrillers and magic, too. This book has it all and was a very satisfying read. This was the first book I've read by Elle James and I must say that I'm looking forward to more!

Thank you to Entangled Publishing for the advanced readers e-copy! :)

This book releases today, Monday, June 24, 2013, readers! Perfect summer read if I do say so myself: sizzling, suspenseful, action-packed romance!

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