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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy blogger right here!

Hi, bloggers and readers!

A little break from my reviews and book tours in this post (although I do have a review of Blackbrooke today, too). I figured I needed to share my joy!

I'm still trying to figure out some things on the blog such as how to link to all the giveaways from the blogtours and hosted by fabulous bloggers like iamareadernotawriter. Bear with me if the links look wonky as I figure out how to try and get them to do what I want!

In personal news: the move was successful, but I'm still slowly unpacking and organizing, etc. The important things were set up immediately: computer, current books, kindle, coffee machine. =D

I am such a happy book blogger! Not only do I get the awesomeness of reading books through NetGalley and telling you guys all about it, but with goodreads and all you fellow bloggers, I'm discovering more and more books that I never would have come across!

I am loving doing the book tours and blurbs and blitzes and learning about authors and books this way, too, although I think my TBR list on goodreads is soon going to BURST! I love reading and reviewing and doing these tours...and the GIVEAWAYS.

Since I've been blogging and been exposed to all of these fantastic giveaways, I've participated in a bunch of giveaways and have won some!! This is so much fun to me and I hope that all of you are entering like crazy. The more you enter these things, the higher chance you win! I've entered TONS of these giveaways as I've visited your blogs and publisher sites, etc., and I've won a handful!

So far I've won and received over the past several months:

  • Kate Ellison's "Notes from Ghost Town" and "The Butterfly Clues" from The Paperback Princesses
  • Margot Berwin's "Scent of Darkness" from Always YA at Heart
  • Lynsay Sand's "The Lady is a Vamp" and a gc to from Bitten By Books
  • Trust in Me ebook from
  • Prophecy Girl ebook from entangledpublishing 
  • The Holders awesome swag pack including an arc, bracelet, lipgloss, bookmark, and button! from novelsontherun
Freaking cool, right?! And not only that, I've won a few more and am eagerly awaiting for them to arrive! They are: 
  • Dodinsky poster and bookmark from novelsontherun
  • Moonset pre-order from Fiktshun
  • The Colour of Dishonor ebook from RBTLReviews
  • a mousepad
  • a Goodreads First Read win of Weather Witch
  • a bookmark from a publisher that matches the book I was reading "The Earth Painter"
  • and a GC from iamareader (seriously...she's amazing. Do you SEE how much she has going on at ALL of her sites? I can't imagine how uber-organized she must be!)

These aren't all from last week. They're over the last few months since I started blogging. I'm so excited about these! Is it bad form to say that I've won these things? I hope not. I was just so excited I felt I had to share! 

What have you won from giveaways? Do you have a favorite prize so far?