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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Review: Strange Fates by Marlene Perez

Strange FatesStrange Fates by Marlene Perez
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

The premise of this book is so promising and sounded like so much fun. I was very excited to read it. A fourth fate, this being Fortune's son, literally? Vengeance, greek mythology, bad boy lead? Yeah, it sounded great.'s just not working for me.

It's boring. I'm halfway through and I just cannot finish. Stupid Elizabeth isn't giving up any information, acting coy and stupid as if she has something to hide but won't tell. Nyx is so fixated on her, but without ANY reason that I can see because we haven't seen ANY personality from her other than he finds her sexy.

I GET IT. Your mom was the fourth fate, she sold her freaking magical charms, and died/was killed by her 3 bitch sisters, the Three Fates everyone knows about. STOP TELLING ME THIS EVERY PAGE. Seriously...every two seconds, Nyx is telling us that he's the son of the fourth fate, that he has to find charms, that he's going to kill the Wyrd sisters and get his vengeance for his mother's death. If he isn't spouting this, we hear his fixation on Elizabeth who looks cute in this, but he has to stay alone. He is endangering her. But she has such nice eyes and hair. And is adorable. AND THAT IS IT.

Ugh. I rarely do not finish books but I just couldn't read anymore. Fabulous idea, poor execution - totally lost my interest by 20%. Halfway through and it felt like work.

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