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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Goblin Fruit by Erin Burr

Goblin FruitGoblin Fruit by Erin Burr
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had added this to my to-read shelf a while ago, remembering the poem by Christina Rosetti that is referenced in this book. When I got a message today from the author letting me know it was available to read on goodreads for a limited time, I promptly dropped what I was reading and have spent the last couple hours with Clara and Frank and Audrey.

This was a heartbreaking story and such a wonderful allegory cautioning against drug abuse without feeling like one of those condescending tales. Rather, it's on the edge of paranormal. There ARE goblins.

You have Clara who has never known her mom and has grown up under the assumption that her mom was a fruit user, the first catalepsy patient from abuse of Goblin Fruit. You have Audrey, whose brother is currently catatonic. You have Frank, Clara's dad, the doctor working to try and find a cure. Anna and Maria, nurses who care for the patients.

Society is in panic and it's sad. Human interaction is completely cut off due to fear of being contaminated through skin secretions of the drug. There is no more touching or handholding or shaking of hands, things that bond us together.

You travel with Clara and Audrey and revisit bits of the poem as they are grieving for their loved ones and then venturing to find a cure. I wish there had been more an explanation as to the goblins themselves. But perhaps that can be for a later book?

Excellent read. So happy to have had the chance to read this on goodreads. Thank you, Ms. Burr!

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