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Thursday, January 24, 2013

WoW Blues

I've got the World of Warcraft blues. 


Our guild just doesn't seem to have any luck keeping a good raid team. We aren't schmucks or jerks, but we seem to find them. We seem to find the cocky jerks who decide they are too good to work with a team and take off in a huff.

This expansion, the raid content doesn't seem difficult, but finding a group who will actually do their job and overcome the gimmicks most certainly is.

We're a small 10 man guild. We're not looking for glory or to be elitists or to make gaming a part time job. We just want to clear content, get gear, laugh and have a good time. All of those things are impossible when you have grown adults stomping their feet and acting like toddlers. Or worse, rage-quitting.  We aren't even asking them to step outside of their comfort zone and be responsible for an extra duty. We take care of it. When I say we, I refer to the core members of our guild. We've always tried to play toons that have versatility and utility. Interrupts to help the tank? Got it. Cleansing/purging to help the healers? Got it. Have an offspec with gear to fulfill a role on a certain fight? Sure.

Without even having a totally full raid team, we cleared the first raid in less than 15 hours. That's less than 5 days of raiding. So we're not bad players!

Seems like this expansion we are not the only ones hurting. I'm watching other guilds fall apart left and right. What on earth is going on?

I just want to raid, kill the bosses, get the gear, and smile, darn it!