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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Doublecrossed by Ally Carter - Free for you, too!

Got this as a "Read Now" from NetGalley and now you, too, can read it for free as the publishers have released it as a free novella for everyone! (Click the image above and it'll send you to where you can get your own copy!)

As an adult reader reading Young Adult fiction, sometimes the plots seem so kid-like or too full of teenage angst that it detracts from the storyline. This is NOT the case here.

I haven't read any of the "Spies and Thieves" series yet, but after this novella, I sure want to! Macey is a high society daughter, used to rubbing elbows with the rich, famous, and political powerhouses (her dad is a senator). But she isn't all that she seems and her demeanor is noted by Hale.

Hale is also from this society with a rich family, but he, too, doesn't quite fit what Macey expects of high society boys.

Both are very observant, quick-witted, and as you soon find out, have talents that you wouldn't associate with the Paris Hilton-type socialities. They're smart and witty and quick to act.

The writing was sound, the plot moved a quick pace (seriously! Sometimes novellas can seem like torture; this was quite the gem!). I'd like to see more of Hale, Kat, and Macey, and definitely am interested in reading the series for fun, literary escapes.

After reading this novella, I'd pick up the series as gifts for any young adult reader. There is no maiden-in-distress. The females in here are strong, confident women who are physically and intellectually capable.