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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Phew! Tis the season fa la la la la!

I have been bouncing from book to book, reading a little of this, a little of that. My reading has been interrupted by lots of things lately, but I am managing to sneak in a little reading here and there. The difference of genre of what I'm currently reading is WIDE though!

For example...

This set was a gift from my BF for Christmas. He knows that I really enjoyed Harry Potter and fairy tales in general. :) I'm trying to read it in tiny bits and pieces so as to enjoy instead of gulping it all down as I did with HP years ago. Not that I haven't reread and enjoyed HP since, but still! I have a little brother of my own and when we were children he was just as annoying as Seth! lol

And then...I'm reading this erotic re-telling of the Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice. My BFF discovered this in high school and gave me the first book to read. I think we were 14. I was utterly shocked and amazed and really grossed out. I was a very innocent 14. lol I was talking about 50 Shades with some guildies and one of them mentioned that this series is important to her and shaped her sexual mindset. So I had to reread it. It's still shocking. And yet, like a trainwreck, I can't quite turn away! I'm used to sex scenes from the many, many romance novels I've read, but none quite so focused on BDSM. Hoooboy.

In my World of Warcraft life, my raid group has been raiding together for roughly 15 hours (5 days of 3 hours each) and we completed the first raid already! 15 wipes to Elegon had us shaking our heads, just astounded. Our DPS was there, heals wasn't a problem, but damn you screw up ONE little detail and he just murders you. See all those skeletons above? That would be our dead bodies wipe after wipe after getting to Phase 3. Yikes.

In contrast, we then moved on to The Will of the Emperors, the last boss of Moshu'gan Vaults and one shot him. 

Why is the last boss in this raid the easiest?! Shouldn't it be the most difficult? Geeez. Anyway, we've added a third raid night and will be going back into MSV for gear and moving on to the next raid, Heart of Fear. Iewww...bugs!

Currently Reading: The Talisman of El, Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star, Beauty's Punishment, Mimi, Yamada Monogatari, The Archived. Yes those are all separate books. I'm bouncing around!

Currently Listening: Bat for Lashes "The Haunted Man"