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Sunday, June 21, 2015

{Book Review} Wasted Lust by JA Huss

Wasted LustWasted Lust by J.A. Huss

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This comes out in a few short days and I cannot wait to buy it and read it again. I received an early reviewer's copy and it was definitely NOT disappointing.

I outright stole the reading order for you from Michelle New's review. So here it is. And yes, you need to read them.

***Reading Order***

Rook & Ronin:
Tragic, Manic , Panic
**we meet Ford and Spencer in this series.

Slack, Taut
**we meet Merc and Sasha in Slack *Syd is referenced*

Bomb, Guns
**we meet ‘James’ and Merc gets a mention or two.

James & Harper:
Come, Come Back, Coming For You
**Sasha, Merc and the whole gang show up.
**Jax appears in the epilogue

Three, Two, One: Jax is introduced (Ark’s brother)

Meet Me in The Dark: Merc & Syd’s story brings us back to Sasha.


Sasha Ashton, formerly known as Sasha Cherlin, is all grown up. And she's a successful post-grad student, living her life, her away from the Company life. But life isn't all sunshine and roses. She's harboring secrets from her adoptive parents, a secret that keeps her terrified, she harbors longing for Nick who abandoned her ten years ago, she harbors longing for life, true life.

Jax Barlow is an Agent. And he's determined to use Sasha as means to an end. But he wasn't expecting who Sasha is and what that might mean for him.

This book was one of those books where you snarl at anyone who dares interrupt the beauty of all that this is. The twisty little ties coming together to form a complicated, celtic knot of love, loyalty, deceit, murder, psychosis, friendship, and all the other ties that bind.

And you know what? That's my review. I'm not saying a damn thing more. Read the series in order. Get a handle on what The Company is, what it means, look for all the subtle clues that have been woven throughout, and then get this book. This Sasha chapter. And then ask yourself: could you have survived?

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