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Sunday, November 16, 2014

COYER! It's that time again!

Winter 2014-2015 COYER Sign Ups
COYER is hosted by Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun and Michelle @ Because Reading.
I’m so excited to join in for Winter 2014-2015 COYER, hosted by Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun and Michelle @ Because Reading. It runs from December 20th 2014 – March 6th 2015 and you can sign up here until January 25th! Go check out the details and if you do sign up, be sure to indicate that I sent you on the linky, where it says “Who referred you?” so I can win $5 to Amazon!

I have been so busy lately between my new job and new friends and commuting and stressing out about things that I haven't really been able to read as much as I normally do. And getting around to reviews? HAH! I have a note book full of reviews that I haven't been able to type up yet. I'm slowly working on them during my lunch breaks and saving them to amazon and goodreads, but not necessarily here. 

I love the COYER events that Berls & Michelle host. We had a really nice loosey goosey summer one and now here is the winter challenge! 

I am most definitely a mood-reader and like to read what strikes me at the time, but with tours and whatnot, I'm reading "on a schedule." I pick tours based on if I think I'll like the book or not, but sometimes you just want  to read what you want to read. And I haven't been able to do that for a while so... I'm changing that this year and COYER is the perfect time to do it! 

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