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Saturday, September 6, 2014

{Spotlight Tour Post} Baby Girl 3: City by the Bay by Elle Klass

Very heavy image-laden post after the jump.

Elle Klass
Elle was born into this world in Redwood City, California and spent her childhood growing in and around the San Francisco Bay
Area. She graduated from the University of North Florida with a bachelor’s
degree in education. For fun she reads, spends time at the beach, travels, and enjoys
time with her favorite friends, and family. She is a night-owl known to be a
hermit during rainy days, as she has a love for sun, and is mostly found
poolside over the hot, humid summer months.

Baby Girl Book 3: City By The Bay
Follow Cleo, who has once again changed her identity, this time to Shanna Nu, an orange moppy-headed homely girl, or so she tries to portray, as she travels to San Francisco seeking employment with the La Tige Detective Agency to search for answers. La Tige, a hard, sloppy man, lacking in social graces manages to worm a way right into her heart. Finally entering adulthood, Cleo realizes who she is inside, and through La Tige and a few other friends, she finds that true affection is forcing her to desperately pursue the answers to the mystery surrounding her birth and biological family. She manages to tie up a few loose ends while unraveling a few more.

Excerpt 3
No sooner had I walked out the door than I heard footsteps from behind. Fear surfaced inside me as the terrors of my past came rushing back. I slipped around the corner and waited. Soon enough, a form drew closer as I watched its shadow through the street lights glide across the pavement. I positioned myself and brought my leg out in front of me as the shadow person walked past. This caused him to trip and fall flat on his face. Familiar tufts of chestnut hair crashed forward, “Bub? Oh, I’m so sorry. I thought maybe…nevermind. Why are you following me?” I asked as I offered my hand to help him up. His nose was bloody. It seemed my self defense skills had that effect on people, I thought, remembering when I threw Halette over my shoulder in Paris, twice. 
He took my hand and sheepishly said, “I just think you’re beautiful and wanted to know you better.” Ay yi yi, what was it with men?
“Alright, look, I feel bad and your nose is bleeding. I’ll buy you a drink,” I offered. 
His face lit up and a huge smile creased his lips as blood slowly trickled down his chin.
“That’d be nice.”
I bought him a drink while the bartender readied a rag and ice for his nose. “It might be broken,” I said, feeling pangs of guilt.
The bartender, a young dark haired woman with surreal emerald eyes, chuckled as she said, “He’ll be okay. At least once a week he incurs the wrath of one young lady or another.”
“So you’re a lady chaser and I was the menu for tonight?” I asked Bub. 

Book soundtrack
1. Dancing Queen by Abba - song she dances to in the bar

2. Happy Trails by Van Halen - the song that gave Happy Trails Bar its name

3. Hold the Line by Toto- song Fetch sings to her in Karoke bar after game

4. She Wolf by Megadeath- Song Slug's brother was listening to when he rolled up

Music they listened to during their trip to Santa Cruz

5. Stay the Night by Hayley Williams

6. Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars

7. Let's Talk About Sex by Salt-N-Pepa

8. Am I Wrong by Nico & Vinz

9. Maps by Maroon 5

10. All of Me by John Legend

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