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Saturday, September 27, 2014

{Book Review} The Ifs by J.D. Pooker

Book Title: The Ifs
Author: J.D. Pooker
Publisher: Little Devil Books
Publishing Date: April 2013
Length: 141 pages
Source: Author/Publisher in exchange for honest review
Book Blurb
Fantasy Adventure for ages 8 and up.

Landon and Broden are brothers. Sometimes they get along. Well, sometimes they don't. But when they find out who's behind the weird happenings in their house, they are called to battle.

Battle? Whoa. Not just one of their fun play-battles either, but a real battle in the forest with the most unusual of creatures and the wildest of animals. Can the brothers pull together when they need each other most?
THE IFS by J.D. Pooker, cover art by Frank Walls, graphic design by David G. Barnett, published by Little Devil Books


 This was such a wonderful book to read, even as an adult. The camaraderie and competition between the two brothers was spot-on from my experience with children and was enjoyable to read! I do not have children myself, but have been a school teacher and done a lot of kid-sitting, and I could tell from reading this that it would be an insta-hit and something I would recommend to parents who have children in this age group (5-10 years old) as a bed-time reading book.

I can stress enough how wonderful it was to be read to when I was a child, or to be allowed to read to my parents as a child before bed, and an adventure story such as what happens to Landon & Broden would be much fun. Both older siblings and younger siblings would have someone to relate to, and only-childs would enjoy it as well for the adventure and banter.

This book is definitely added to my list to give to parents who ask me for book recommendations for their kids! 

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