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Saturday, September 20, 2014

{Blogging} Why, hello!

Hello, lovely blog readers!

How are you this month? I realized that I have been book blogging for nearly two years now and I don't really share much about me personally. And I don't seem to talk much other than in my reviews, etc., so I thought today would be a little different and I'd just post something publicly, sharing a little bit. I think I'd like to do this from time to time, I just don't know what to call it yet. For now, I'm gonna slam it under Blogging .Who knows? Maybe you guys don't WANT to know this stuff! lol

By now, you know that I adore books and review what I read. You probably have clicked the links and discovered that I am a product tester via BzzAgent, Influenster, and a few other companies. I love doing this. I get to try something for free and give an honest opinion as to whether or not I liked it, if it worked for me, etc. Sometimes, I get a little frustrated because the deadlines to report back can seem a little short, but for the most part, they give plenty of time!

I am also a knitter, albeit a slow one and will occasionally post on the knitting page I have! If you are a knitter or crocheter and have tips or just wanna talk yarn stashes, please do so!

I am also half of the team at Grammar Inspection Task Force. We offer copy-editing services to independent authors at reasonable rates. We're a little different from other editing services out there. We want authors to use copy-editing services for their books to make them better. So our rates are competitive to other editing services out there, however you get two sets of eyes for the price of one. I am really enjoying this work and I know my business partner, Gabby, does, too. We love helping authors polish their works! It's really rewarding to hear that an author is pleased with our work and that they feel confident in what they're about to publish! It's so much fun to be working with authors!

I also just started a new job this week! I've largely been acting as a caretaker for my mother the last several years and have not been working consistently. I am now rejoining the work force and am loving it. I found a great corporation that has a wonderful attitude and work environment and culture. Everyone, so far, is friendly, helpful, and willing to share knowledge. And there is room to grow in the corporation in the years to come. I couldn't ask for a better opportunity and am enjoying it so far!

Of course, with a new job means less online time, so it's been a bit of an adjustment not being able to keep up with everyone on social media, etc. I am also probably going to have to dial down the amount of review tours I agree to do. I still need to catch up with Netgalley reads and books I've won or bought or ARCs that have been entrusted to me, etc. Phew! It's busy! Plus I have knitting deadlines coming up and Christmas and wow!

Life here is getting exciting! Feel like sharing what's going on with you? I'd love to hear it! What are you looking forward to in this final quarter of 2014? Are there any books coming out you're dying to get your hands on? Excited for the next #COYER with @Because Reading and @Fantasy is More Fun?

I really do like connecting with people and getting to know them, so if you do, too, please feel free to say hi. You can comment here or find me on facebook or shoot me an email ( or on GooglePlus or get the drill!

Thanks for reading my blog and stopping by here and there! I appreciate it!

And now, I have to go pick a winner from the Deborah Coonts giveaway!

Hugs to you all! Happy reading!

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