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Sunday, August 17, 2014

{Blog Tour} THE DAY THE WORDS WENT AWAY by Christina Escamilla -- with giveaway!

Title: The Day the Words Went Away
Author: Christina Escamilla
Series: Stand Alone
Genre: Humorous Fiction
Publisher:  Christina Escamilla Publishing
Release Date: June 27 2014
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print

Have you ever wondered why popular books keep giving us the same tired plot lines over and over again?
Peter sure does.
He has a theory that there are simply no more original ideas left in the world. To prove his hunch right, he makes a bet with his best friend, Andy. Together, along with the girl of his dreams and his best friend’s wife, they set out on a zany adventure that includes escaping the clutches of an illegal street racing crew, a terrorist attempt, one creepy morgue attendant, and a near death experience at the wheel of a well-known celebrity.
Will Peter find out why all of the words went away or will this unlikely foursome just prove he is a terrible writer?

Author Information

Christina Escamilla is an author, illustrator, and lover of all things books. When she doesn't have her nose stuck in one, she can be found watching a documentary about theoretical science or exploring the vast reaches of the internet. Currently, she lives in Houston, Texas with her bow-tie wearing dog, Murphy.

*waves hi madly* I really, really, really wanted to write a review for this book to let you know how much I loved it, but I was one of the team of copy-editors and that kinda skirts the line of what is ethically appropriate. So no review. But I couldn't just shut my mouth and had to say something little. Since you know I was part of the copyediting (and paid for it), I will continue briefly to say: This book made me laugh, I connected with it with my little nerd/gamer/reader heart, there is one particular scene where I was laughing so hard I could not do my job, and I found the characters endearing. I am SO eager to read more and hope this turns into a series. It is funny, romantic, human, and hilarious, and something I could easily see becoming a series or a movie! ~Tiffany

“You could never bore me…,” I say dreamily, still in somewhat of a daze.
Don’t be creepy.
Don’t be creepy.
“’Cause I love science,” I add quickly.
Good save.

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