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Monday, June 23, 2014

Summertime Summertime!

Click the pic to sign up!

Summer, summer, summer, summer tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime! Isnt' there a song that goes like that? 

#COYER Summer Vacation has begun! You can still sign up (sign ups are open through August 15th) by clicking the pic above! (COYER = Clean Out Your E Reader)

I decided not to do a reading list for COYER and instead will be flying by the seat of my pants, picking tour books, netgalley books, my physical stack, my electronic stack, etc., based on "what I feel like." It's awesome because this COYER only has one need a sign up post! :) There are lots of things going on there so be sure to check out the sign up post! :) 

On the personal blogging front, I'm sure you can see that I've cut waaaaay back on everything. I think I hit a blogging plateau where it was starting to feel like a job instead of something fun. So, I've cut back on tours and spotlights to focus more on reading and reviewing. My NetGalley numbers are still horribly bad because I just couldn't say not to review opportunities. I need to get that caught up so they don't cut me off! So the rest of this year will be for NetGalley reads and tours that REALLY REALLY REALLY pique my interest! 

Have you had a change in your own reading and reviewing? I'm also not quite happy with my review style. I think in my pursuit of "NO SPOILERS", I may be way too vague now which comes across as insincere (in my opinion anyway). So I need to find a way to express everything I'm feeling about the book without spoiling it. Maybe it IS time to implement some kind of rating system here on the blog! 

Well, I'm kicking off my #COYER summer reading fest and hope you join the rest of us! We even have a facebook group! That's cool because I get to meet fellow bloggers whom I've been following for a long time but never got to know 

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