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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

{Spotlight} WORD OF THUNDER by Gerald C Garner

Word of Thunder
by Gerald C Garner
"It's Not Just Poetry"

A mixture of compelling poems with a hint of spiritual influences and visions that many believers and none believer's alike can associate with or to. Written by the New York native, Gerald Garner, who included in this science fiction/fiction religion as a foundation but, molded by love, animals, storms and universal thoughts that have many readers sometimes puzzled with amazement and open minded thoughts. In this piece called" Word of thunder", you'll find out deep details of emotions from people and well as animals, geographical bodies such as ocean's and storm's. You'll have a better understanding of death, love, motivation, sadness and much more from the author's dual personality.

Born in Queens, NY. Raised in the Bronx. Loves to travel. The best place to travel is the "Big Apple". Some of the most unique individuals can be spoken to there as well as buildings that always leave the question on mind of how and why. Observing some of the worlds top fashions along with huge sidewalks, diverse foods and entertainment to satisfy your adrenaline. But, most importantly you'll always find something to learn, write about, and do, all in a "New York minute." For me this is a place where my dual personality can flourish.

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