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Friday, May 23, 2014

{Blog Tour} ONE BITE TO PASSION by MaryLynn Bast

Title: One Bite to Passion
Author: MaryLynn Bast
Series: The Haven (#1)
Genre: Erotic, Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Werewolf Tails Publishing
Release Date: March 15, 2014

Paige never imagined accepting a job assignment in Japan would be a major turning point in her life. Even though she is married, her attraction to Casey ignites fires she’d thought long burned out. When her husband shows up, she is drawn into a war between two vampire covens. She must fight to save her life and that of the man she loves.
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MaryLynn Bast grew up in Texas. An avid reader, she enjoyed writing romantic short stories. After moving to Las Vegas in 2010 and starting a new chapter in her life, she followed her dream of publishing her first book, a paranormal romance, in 2012 and continues to write stories for the Heart of a Wolf Series. She is branching out and beginning the Panther Pride Saga. A few other stories are in the works as well.

MaryLynn is a full time author and a full time student working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. Working with several different companies who did government contracts for the US Military, MaryLynn was able to travel the world, meeting new and interesting people.

To further her knowledge into the paranormal world, MaryLynn joined a group in Vegas. In doing so, another passion was brought back to life. Her fascination with the spirit world inspired her to team up with a colleague. Forming CAT Parapsychic, together and with other team members, they investigate all things paranormal.

MaryLynn has several blogs she keeps updated on a regular basis. Her book blog can be found at Her Paranormal blog can be found at

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 I received a complimentary electronic copy of this book from the tour organizer in exchange for my honest review, whether good or bad. No remuneration was offered or accepted.

ONE BITE TO PASSION is an interesting vampire story because it's more focused on the growth of the character, Paige, than it is on vampires. In fact, you read nearly 40% of the book before you realize that this is going to be a paranormal story! Paige mentions her vampire dreams, but it is in passing as we learn about her loveless marriage to an abusive, selfish jerk. Like the last book I read from MaryLynn Bast, you are drawn into the characters fairly well and quickly. It's slow-going at first, but I think many readers will relate to Paige. She describes her body and I was pleased to discover she was quite average. She isn't a 5'11", 140lb stunner. She's average, with body issues, and emotional issues that stem from her dead marriage. When out with her coworker, she meets Casey and Casey isn't looking at anyone but Paige. It leads to a night of incredible passion and orgasms the like Paige has never experienced.

As we move into the paranormal elements of the story, the action increases and Paige needs to find herself to save herself and the man she loves.

It was an enjoyable read whose pace picked up halfway through. I really struggled to LOVE this book, however, because of the poor editing. Punctuation, incorrect word choice, incorrect homonyms, etc., kept me from full immersion and enjoyment and quite often knocked me out of my sacred little bubble I like to call Reader Zone. The characters made this book for me. I enjoyed them immensely and all of their nuances. I would like this book to be longer so that I know more about Rosa, Casey, and Paige, to see their histories, their interactions with vampires, what makes them tick, etc. MaryLynn Bast knows how to create a world that makes you want to read on and discover more. 

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