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Friday, May 2, 2014

{Blog Tour} Journey of the Princess of Ice by LaVerne Thompson -- with excerpt and review!

Title: Journey of the Princess of Ice
Author: LaVerne Thompson
Series: The Elementals
Genre: New Adult/ Fantasy/ Graphic Novel
Publisher: Isisindc Publishing, LLC

What happens when fire meets ice?

Ice had traveled the realms for centuries searching for the ice elementals, others of her kind but she was alone always alone. Never staying one place for long because sooner or later her mere presence caused the temperature of the land to drop to a killing freeze. Until she found the one place her powers had no effect. And perhaps the one being who could counter her freeze.
Running from a destiny not of his own choosing, Arch finally found the one person who could make him stop running. But Ice must never learn the truth. A fire demon destroyed her world and he was his father’s son.

This was a hot and cold novella! Fire meets Ice and what on earth could happen? I loved the description of Ice and felt badly for her, the last of her kind, alone and unable to experience the one thing that humans crave: touch.

Then we're introduced to a prince of hell, Arch, whose fire can burn, but can also temper to Ice's deep freeze. He is trying to escape his destiny, she's trying to find her destiny, and together will they combust or melt or be even more powerful than ever?

I would love to read more in this series and see what happens between Arch, Ice, and Arch's father and ex-fiance! 

LaVerne Thompson is the mother of two college age kids, so weird to read that. A wife, a former intellectual property attorney, a multi-published best-selling author of contemporary, fantasy, and sci/fi sensual romances and avid reader of same. She also writes romantic suspense and new adult contemporary under Ursula Sinclair.

Her stories are available from Amazon, All Romance E-books, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Smashwords as well as her publishers. Visit her at to learn more.

Places to find LaVerne

From the moment She entered the room, Arch tracked her movement, curious about her. When the young wizard at the bar had spoken to her, he found himself rising off the chair, wanting to rip his head off. He had to lower himself back into the seat and force himself to relax. Soon, the notes of a horn filled the room from the music box and the female took the dance floor. Her back was to him but she pushed the hood off her hair and shook out her frozen tresses. The organ in his chest sped up to push more fire through his blood. 
An ice maiden! Fucking impossible!  
Her kind had been gone from the realms for centuries. But the icicles hanging off the end of her waist-length blue and silver hair said otherwise. When she began to sway, he forgot about everything else. The sight of her hips moving from side to side completely mesmerized him. When she turned to face him, he damn near shot his seed into the leather pants he wore. Bad enough his dick strained against the confines of its restrictions, causing him pain. So that’s what she had hidden under that coat. Curves where a woman should curve and a waist tiny enough for his hands to span from tip to tip. 
“Damn,” he whispered under his breath. “Surprise, surprise.”
He could only sit back and enjoy the show. The pleasure she took in her movements brought a smile to his face. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt a real smile, if ever, at least one born of pure joy instead of vicious glee. She stopped after only two songs, and it wasn’t until she sat down he realized although the tavern had become more crowded while she danced, instead of the place heating up, she cooled it down. An ice princess, indeed. 
The male she sat near leaned closer to her to say something and Arch shot to his feet. What the hells was he doing? Instead of marching over there and ripping the bastard’s heart out, he left the bar and walked out into the evening. Stopping on the sidewalk, he took a few deep breaths of the night air to get his temperature down. He didn’t dare glance back at the entrance to the tavern for fear he’d go back inside and beat the little shit for talking to a woman he didn’t know.
Arch shook his head and walked in the direction of the inn where he was staying. His thoughts were on the strange inhabitants of the tavern but one in particular, who intrigued him. Who would have thought icicles could turn him on? He wondered if his heat would melt the ice coating her hair, and would it be soft to his touch when he did? He already knew he would find out. 
He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had a woman. It was not his nature to deny himself, but they’d been running for awhile now and he missed lying amidst the softness a female provided. A respite from his flight. The ice princess seemed to be one of the regulars at in the bar; he might have to become one too. The next time he saw her he’d have her, he promised himself. And he never made a promise he didn’t keep. Arch had gone a few blocks from the bar when the disturbance in the air from cool to hot behind him provided his only warning. He spun around in time to see a hells gate open, flames rising up from the ground to lick at the air and three Furia, hells guardians, step through.

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