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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

{Book Review} Counterstrike by John Groh

Book Title: Counterstrike
Author: John Groh
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publishing Date: January 2014
Length: 436 pages (approx)
Source: Gifted by Author

Book Blurb
They grew up competing as brothers and develop real estate in two worlds, apartments and commercial. Only natural—in their father’s tracks.
But after Boyce’s wife dies in a ferocious car accident it’s more than two rivals in their thirties. Overnight their safe zones bleed at the edges as Boyce’s animosity grows more treacherous by the hour.
The brothers wield all available tools to outwit and unhinge each other while a family friend named Boots watches the reciprocal backstabbing. Meantime their father’s $60 million trust finally nears distribution.
These well educated brothers carefully measure the gains and losses of each deal, not throwing millions at the Phoenix wind like swashbuckling entrepreneurs. But their recriminations escalate over three hot months and the action-reaction Richter registers earthquakes.
Hold on for the ride! From two hack sawed human hands to a llama’s neck cut at 90 degrees; opening a grave at midnight; Indian remains covering a mall site; bribing the county tax assessor; a rubber doll’s serrated shoulders with no arms; and gun show booths called Bob’s Bang Room and Shoot the Works.
This masterfully drawn narrative features hate, betrayal and murderous treachery. Shifting alliances, riveting intensity and shocking thrills propel the story like a Ferrari racer through twists and turns to a terrifying climax. Some pages may repel and others are naughty, but they push Counterstrike to riveting levels of jaw dropping entertainment.

 Counterstrike by John Groh is a mystery/thriller that focuses on two brothers who seem to be siblings in name only. There is no camaraderie between them, only stiff competition.

Boyce receives a phone call that his wife has died in a car accident. It's from his brother, but the phone call is strange in the way it is delivered considering the news he is imparting. It seems cold, clinical, and utterly unsympathetic. And it is that which is the first clue that Boyce and Spencer are not very close. From there we get the details of their father's will as Boyce remembers his funeral while planning his wife's.

From flashbacks of meeting his wife to snippets of his friend, Boots, this story is told in bits and pieces that keep you guessing as to the killer and motive. Dealing with his grief, his ex-wife, trying to figure out Spencer's angle, and keeping tabs on his livelihood in real estate, Boyce is thrust into the midst of craziness as he ascertains the truths behind his wife's death among other things.

As each piece is revealed, your brow will furrow, you'll snap "I knew it!" even though you didn't REALLY know it, and as you come to the end, I'm sure you'll say, "oh my gosh." This book elicits those kinds of reactions as you read. The action is riveting, the characters human, and then there's the ending. I think the outcome will leave readers flabbergasted!

John Groh bought, sold and invested in real estate for thirty-five years to gain valuable experience for this thriller called Counterstrike. He lives in Arizona with his spouse Nancy and German shepherd Rex, a dog of big heart who's always hungry. His favorite lair for writing is a log cabin in Arizona's White Mountains where Rex provides comic relief chasing ravens, squirrels and elk. A proven writer with backbone, John knows that sometimes truths about real estate and sibling rivalry are best told through fiction. He has written eight books and holds a doctorate from the University of Chicago. Along the way he taught in higher education and served in the USAF Reserve. His website is

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