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Monday, April 14, 2014

{Blog Tour} Nick Englebrecht series by KH Koehler -- with review and giveaway!

Thanks for stopping by my tour stop for the  Nick Englebrecht series. This tour includes the first two books,  The Devil You Know and The Devil Dances by K.H. Koehler.  This is an adult Horror / Paranormal Mystery / Urban Fantasy. The tour runs April 14-18.  This book is recommended for 18+ due to content.  Check out the tour page  for the schedule and for more information.

The Devil You Know (Nick Englebrecht #1) by K.H. Koehler

Not only does the Devil have an only begotten son, but he’s currently residing in the rural town of Blackwater in northeast Pennsylvania. Semi-retired from law enforcement, the handsome, if cynical, Nick Englebrecht becomes quickly caught up in a local missing child case that seems mundane on the outside, but when the sheriff requests his help as a psychic detective to help find the missing girl, his off-the-books investigation quickly leads him to some terrible truths about life, love and the universe as we know it. And if that isn’t bad enough, the angels have begun an ethnic cleansing of all beings with demonic blood. Of course, Nick is at the top of their to-do list.

 This was an absolutely fun read and one that I think people would compare to the Dresden files at first glance. Detective novel mixed with fantasy and a dose of Christian theology (don't worry, it's not proselytizing fiction at all) and a story that will keep you turning the pages, this was an excellent read. While there are some similarities in the protagonist, Nick Englebrecht is not just a witch, but a Prince of Hell. The Prince of Hell, in fact.

Although written by a woman, the narrative is from Nick's point of view and it remains strong and true in his voice at all times. Starting off with the aftermath of sex from his business partner, Morgana, and a missing five year old child, the action and story rolls out smoothly and spins its web around you.

It's a good mystery and filled with little nods to popular culture that will make you smirk. The conversations are believable and the wry sense of humor from the characters made my own lips curl in a grin. The Devil is personable and described as a very Fey/Ethereal Jareth from Labyrinth. So now I will forever think David Bowie is the Devil! I really loved the author's take on angels and demons, hell and earth, the Throne above and the Throne below. And of's pointed out that without the Devil, there would be NO free will.

Thanks to the publisher for my complimentary copy! Loved this and cannot wait to read more! 

The Devil Dances (Nick Englebrecht #2) by K.H. Koehler
You want to know something about me? Something important? When I was a kid,  I used to read a lot of comics. I watched all the TV shows. Hell, I wanted to be a superhero. Then one day I grew up, and I learned I wasn’t the Lone Ranger. I’m not Spider-Man or Captain-Fucking-Marvel. I’m not a good man, and I never will be. My name is Nicholas Englebrecht and I’m the heir to hell. I’m the Angel-breaker. I’m the goddamn son of the fucking devil and you should know that if you piss me off, things are going to go very bad for you…

Nick Englebrecht is lured to a strange, isolated Amish colony by the mysterious death of a nameless young man. It’s supposed to be a simple enough investigation. Find the kid’s family. Find out what happened to him. But when you’re the devil’s kid, with angels and demons gunning for you at every turn, things have a habit of turning bad fast. Before Nick knows it, he’s up to his ass in bodies, femme fatales, and ancient, bloodthirsty gods with a taste for human flesh.

Picking up a year later from the first book, this book is just as action packed, witty, and a fun read. I know...mystery, deaths, etc., and I call it fun, but that's what it is! Vivian and Nick are getting more serious, much to Morgana's dismay, and Nick's dad visits much more often in this book. I know I said it last time, but it's just true...the Devil is so charismatic and so is Nick. He's so likable!

Nick, accompanied by his girlfriend Vivian, is lured to Amish country to investigate a magical death in the community. With angels and demons after him, his dad encouraging him towards ascension, angels lost without someone on the Throne, and those angel eaters (angels as food really threw me in the first book; fascinating idea), Nick is soon hip deep in a river of multiple agendas, danger, and muck.

Nick is wonderfully observant (I can hear you saying, "Duh, he's a detective" but I'm stating it anyway!) of people and their nuances and from his observations is how we get a lot of the character building. It's such a fantastic way to get to the heart of each character and really well done.

This was a satisfying, fast-paced, action-packed book and I desperately hope for more in the series. There are threads to tie up and I just really like the characters! They are well developed as are the ideas about Hell, Heaven, angels, demons, and the Devil. Thoroughly enjoyed this second book and I think you will, too!

Again, many thanks to the publisher for my complimentary copy. I loved it! 

K. H. Koehler is the author of various novels and novellas in the genres of horror, SF, dark fantasy, steampunk and young adult.

She is the owner of K.H. Koehler Books, and her books are widely available at all major online distributors.

Her covers have appeared on numerous books in many different genres, and her short work has been featured on Horror World, Literary Mayhem, and in the Bram Stoker Award-winning anthology Demons, edited by John Skipp.

She lives in the beautiful wilds of Northeast Pennsylvania with two very large and opinionated Rottweilers.

She welcomes reviews and fan mail. Her official site is located at


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