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Sunday, February 9, 2014

{Spotlight} SHATTERED ADVANCES by T.C. Squires

Shattered Advances
by T.C. Squires

Length: 305 pages
Editions: Kindle

Born into the fuming battleground of Probana, Kaene Young is caught in the same treacherous war that claimed his brother six years earlier. Mysteries and misfortunes surround the isle of Probana but may quickly to come to light as scrutiny of the war and its Council continue to mature. Kaene finds himself stuck in the thick of things and must quickly overcome his struggling world or have his life shattered by the coming onslaught. His heartfelt motivation could be Probana’s only hope in bringing an end. Yet with the nation burning and the Guard’s advances seemingly useless against those known only as the Shrouds, will there be enough of Probana left to redefine the tragedies created by this war?

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Author: T.C. Squires
A recent graduate of Ouachita Baptist University, T.C. Squires is an emerging star in the vastly expanding world of fiction writing. Drawing inspiration from the children he teaches, he has released his first book in a four part series, The Struggle for Probana: Shattered Advances, a remarkable tale of epic scope that will bring you hours of entertainment. As a part time writer, T.C. spends his days teaching at-risk children at an orphanage in rural Honduras, while his nights are spent enjoying and writing about the beautiful creation that surrounds him.

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