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Thursday, January 30, 2014

{Blogger Post} Thank you! Here's to another year of blogging!

The Facebook party was a blast! Thank you all for coming and I hope your TBR is now long and full of new to you authors :) I was so excited and happy last night! 

We had 18 authors with a total of 33 winners, 35 total when the Grand Prize rafflecopter ends tonight! So thank you very much for coming, thank you to the authors for donating, and here's to another year of fun book blogging! 

You may see my posts slow down a bit in the future. While I'm going to be doing my best spotlighting and helping to promote as many books as I can, my personal life has some changes incoming that need me to be more attentive. (Oh like finding a job? And hey...a job means I'll have the funds for more giveaways! ;) ) So less review tours with reading deadlines I may not meet, and more promos, spotlights, and hopefully interviews and guest posts! 

And, of course, my Netgalley reads. :) Those publishers must hate me. My percentage is bad because I requested lots (I swear, I thought they'd all say no!) and then had all these tours to read for. I CAN'T HELP IT. I LOVE BOOKS SO MUCH! But, I need to improve my number so I'll be participating in Because Reading is Better than Real Life & Fantasy is More Fun's #COYER challenge in March! Clean Out Your E-Reader! Who's with me?!

I have some more author spotlights coming up over the next month or so, plus some really great tours. Thanks for sticking with me! <3 b="" nbsp="">

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