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Friday, January 31, 2014

{Author Spotlight} K.S. Fish, author of The Dominion Chronicles

And now...I'd like to turn the spotlight on K.S. Fish! Author of the Dominion Chronicles! 

K.S. Fish was born in San Diego, California. Though he was a single child growing up, he was lucky enough to have worlds upon worlds of brothers and sisters bumping around in his brain. His first short story was inscribed on his mother's uterus.
However, for much of his youth, he strove to make every wrong possible choice for his life. Subsequently, it was many years until he was able to realize his gift and begin to hone his skill as a writer.
His first book, Conception, amazed readers with its character driven narrative and exciting storyline.

K.S. Fish resides in Georgia with many friends, his goldfish Barney, and a lifetime's worth of stories to tell.

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Conception: Book 1 of the Dominion Chronicles
Publisher: CreateSpace
Published: August 2012
Length: 235 Pages
Editions: Print and Kindle

When twelve-year old Tyler Hudgens wakes up in the courtyard, he's buried up to his neck with twenty other screaming, terrified kids. Welcome to Frazier's compound, a place where Tyler and a chosen few will unlock powers in themselves that they could only dream about. Frazier has a plan to turn them into gods, and the only price is the death of 2.5 million people. When a schism occurs in their group, they're all flung into a battle that will test their loyalties and ultimately decide the fate of the world.

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Battle for Earth: Book 2 of the Dominion Chronicles
Publisher: CreateSpace
Published: December 2013
Editions: Kindle and print

Disaster has come to the Earth. As the planet struggles to adapt to the new existence Corey has forced on it, the children from Frazier's compound have grown up and been scattered to the corners of the world. Unwilling leaders, they are cast into a war that will push them to the end of endurance, and ultimately decide the fate of the world.

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