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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

{Happy New Year}

The end of December marks the end of my first year blogging about the books I've read, participating in book tours, giveaways, and spotlights. I had blogged before years ago, but that was personal stuff in a closed community online. I met some wonderful people also sharing their life stories and I'm glad we're all still friends. But...I had turned in my blogging hat for a while.

With rediscovering goodreads and a goodreads giveaway, I discovered Netgalley. And with Netgalley and setting up a blog, I discovered blog tours! It has been a super wonderful year of reading for me, filled with books I probably would never have heard of, some I never would have picked up, new friends, new authors to stalk online adore, and books I just cannot get enough of.

My sweetheart bought me a Kindle Paperwhite for Valentine's Day last year and that just made my reading explode! Plus discovering blog tour companies to host and help promote authors, etc. It was definitely a year of discovery.

I may have gotten a bit too eager in signing up for review tours and my Netgalley finger was quite itchy. I honestly did not expect to be approved for as many books I was approved for and am now playing catch up. In fact, that is my Book Blogging Resolution for the New Year! While I read well over 250 books this year, sometimes it got to be too much and I'm still behind. So this year, I am still going to participate in tours, but perhaps not as many review tours until I get caught up with my Netgalley reads and other Read-to-Reviews.

I've also played around with my review style a bit here and there and am still figuring out "my voice." I am probably on the softer end of reviewers, but I am okay with that. I might change my style from review to review, but I approach each one the same: I think of it as a letter. To whom? A letter to you my readers of course!

Below is a widget from goodreads of some of the books I read and reviewed this year. I still have about 6 books that I have notes on but have not yet written a review, but I will crank those out as soon as possible.

But before I get to the widget...I'd like to invite you all to MY BLOGAVERSARY PARTY which is happening on Facebook at the end of the month!

I had the privilege of reading and meeting many authors and bloggers in the book world and I have a bunch of donations for prizes from ecopies to print copies to swag from authors such as Carlie Sexton, Lizzy Ford, Mia Fox, AJ Bennett, Livia Olteano, and more! So click the link and be sure to come! The more the merrier!

Happy New Year and thanks for being with me this year! I hope you stick around for 2014!

The Witch of Duva
Light & Dark: The Awakening of the Mageknight
The Ruins of Lace
Yamada Monogatari: Demon Hunter
Talisman of El
Fractured Soul
The Archived SNEAK PEEK
Dracian Legacy
The Lost Prince
Scent of Magic
Between Two Thorns
Goblin Fruit
A Curse of Kings
Devil's Due
Devil's Bargain
Blood's Pride
The Last Telegram
The Firebird

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