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Saturday, November 16, 2013

{Book Blitz} CORA'S KISMET by Cheryl Davis

Life was bad enough for twins, Cora and Viola Daniels, when suddenly their world was turned upside down.

When Liam Anderson shows up to save Cora and Viola from their situation, and to bring them back into their true family fold, Cora knows that there’s something special about him.

As she and her twin are being chased down by their, now former, guardians, Cora is finding out more and more about herself that she knew nothing about. Suddenly, they have loving parents, bound powers and a prophecy to fulfill, but first they have to find their soul mates that will help them through it all. All of this has to take place before their 18th birthday, which is only six months away.

Racing against time and deadly enemies, will Cora find her mate in Liam, or will all be lost? Will she be able to find herself in this new world and make it to the ceremony that will restore her powers, or will their enemies win, putting the world’s future at stake?

“Who are you?” Cora asked after they’d been
sitting there for a few minutes.
name is Liam,” he replied.
I’m Cora and that’s my sister, Viola.”
know,” Liam told her.
do you know who we are and where we live?” Cora asked. She knew that she should
have known he would know who they were, since he’d been in their room looking
for them, and had known who Patrick and Anna were, but adrenaline was making
her thoughts scattered.
will get answers to your questions Cora, just not now. Right now we have to
focus on getting where we’re going, without Patrick catching us. I need you to
trust me for now, so I can concentrate on protecting you and Viola,” Liam bit
out, a little impatient. He wanted to explain things but knew that if he did,
he’d be in deep trouble. It was not his place. He had his orders. Oh, but for
her, he wanted to defy his orders and answer her questions. He wanted to soothe
away the stress lines that had formed on her beautiful face.
keep saying that. It’s getting on my nerves. I have no reason to trust or
believe you. Why should I?” Cora responded. Her nerves were wound tight and it
was evident in her voice.
know you don’t, yet, but you’re going to have to,” Liam responded, with a
calmness that he wasn’t feeling. She was beginning to irritate him and the urge
to tranq her, like they’d done with Viola, was getting stronger by the minute,
but the attraction that he felt for her kept him from harming her in any way.
even think about it!” Cora exclaimed a bit louder than she’d wanted to.
head snapped around to look at her. His eyes narrowed while he studied her.
There was no way that she was in his head. “Think about what?”
to me what you did to Viola,” Cora responded with an angry glare in his
direction. “I could see it written all over your face that you were considering
it and I won’t let you.”
to tell me how you are going to stop me if I decide that I’m going to?” Liam
asked with slight amusement, that he didn’t feel, lacing his voice. How did she
do that? He knew that he’d kept his face blank.
me, you don’t want to know. Now, since there’s no sign of Patrick, can we go?”
Cora asked getting impatient. All of a sudden she felt the need to move before
something bad happened.

$0.99 for November!

Cheryl Davis is a wife and stay at home
mother to two sons and two daughters who grew up in Akron, OH and eventually
settled down on the Central Coast of California. She’s always had a love of
reading and had a creative spark inside of her. She’s very active in arts &
crafts. Creating things and stories is a huge part of who she is as a person.
Cheryl’s always had a bug to want to tell
the stories of the characters that were always churning around inside of her
head but never really thought that she’d be able to get those stories out into
the world until she found indie publishing. The more research that she did, the
more the idea to actually give her characters their spotlights grew until she
just had to write.
Cora’s Kismet is her first novel ever
written and published and holds a very special place in her heart. She’s
currently working on a short story for an upcoming anthology that she’s a part
of that ties into The Twin Destinies Saga as well as book two in the Saga and
the first book in a whole new series.

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