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Sunday, October 6, 2013

RBTL presents: IMMORTALIS series tour! Book One: CARPE NOCTEM by Katie Salidas

Title: Immortalis Carpe Noctem
Author: Katie Salidas
Series: Immortalis (Book 1)
Genre: Paranormal Romance /Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Rising Sign Books
Release Date: January 2010

Explore the emotional upheaval that is the transformation from human to vampire. Bleeding to death after brutal mugging on the campus of UNLV, Twenty-five year old Alyssa, is rescued by the cold and aloof, vampire, Lysander. Taking pity on her, he shares the gift-and curse-of immortality. She awakens as a vampire and is soon devastated by harsh realities of her new way of life: An unyielding thirst for blood as well as the loss of her friends, her independence, and her humanity. As if having her humanity stripped away was not enough to make life interesting, Alyssa finds out her "turning," did not go unnoticed by the rest of undead society. Old enemies; an ancient sect of vampire hunters, known as the Acta Sanctorum, as well as a powerful Vampire mistress, each set plans in motion to destroy both Alyssa and Lysander. Only by accepting her new-found immortality, seizing the night, will Alyssa hope to survive. She and Lysander must fight together against two sets of enemies bent on destroying them both.

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This is WEEK ONE of the Immortalis Series tour! Tune in next Sunday for more deliciousness...I mean, book 2, Hunters & Prey! ;) 

A_TiffyFit's Review:
Okay, so first off...this book is FREE. Yes, free. Libre, gratis, frei, vapaa. Go! Snatch it up! 300+ pages of free, delicious, sexy vampires! I'll wait here. *counts down quietly waiting for you to get back* Oh, good. Got your copy? All right!

Katie Salidas is one of those independent authors, quietly storming her way into your heart. Like erotica? ZOMG then check out Submission Therapy. It's only 99c. Or, better yet, spend a few dollars more and get the whole series in one omnibus, Consummate Therapy! Okay, but I'm not here to talk about the hotness that is her and Willsin Rowe's therapy series. I'm here to talk about Alyssa & Lysander.

Alyssa is a born and bred Las Vegas chickadee saved by Lysander after a vicious attack by two low-lifes that left her bleeding to death. Alyssa has a difficult time adjusting to her new status as a vampire, having no time to prepare mentally for such a change. Lysander muddles his way through it as his previous "children" all had a choice. As Alyssa and Lysander fumble their way through the first few days, they are immediately threatened by Lysander's past: his sire, Kallisto, thinks he should still fall under coven rules although he left them ages ago and siring a new vampire is a no-no.

Alyssa is a fairly self-assured young woman who, while initially struggling with the idea of killing to eat, takes her vampirism in stride. But it's only when she can seize the night  that she truly commits to her new life, her new love, and her new friends. Okay, she comes across as a little dumb and immature and impatient, but she's 25. Who isn't at that age? You can't expect her to miraculously have the wisdom of a two thousand year old vampire! There was one instance where I was pissed off and defending her in my head and that is near the end of the book. Hellooooo, she didn't run off and get herself trapped, you know. She was looking for someone to hunt with, took a member of the family with her, and was BETRAYED. She took the fall for that one as if she was dumb enough to go out alone or something and that bothered me! Grrr! lol

This was a great read for me: urban fantasy, vampires, action, touch of romance, adult (not erotica, just adults and their complexities), etc. I thoroughly enjoyed it and read it in one sitting. Okay, two sittings but only because I was starving and needed food to continue my reading without passing out! Not only do you have vampires who are VAMPIRES, but you have this great dynamic of people and personalities that just electrify the pages. As relationships and friendships develop, there is raw human emotion coupled with a reasoning beyond her years that just kinda grab you by the throat and make you keep turning the page. I'm kinda reading these books all out of order as earlier this year I read DARK SALVATION. Now that I have the order of things, I cannot wait to sink my teeth into the next, HUNTERS & PREY.

**P.S. Katie: I lean more towards Gerard Butler for Lysander! Definitely Eric Bana for Nicholas, and after seeing Alexander with Angelina Jolie playing psycho mom, she is SO right for Kallisto! =D **

I had the opportunity to ask Katie a question for a guest post and she was kind enough to respond. And HOLY hotness, wait til you see her casting choices! Ready? :)

Tiffany asked: Do you have not just a playlist, but perhaps theme songs that you associate with the main characters & ideal cast for Lysander, Alyssa, Kallisto, etc.

Katie replied: Hmmm, a playlist, sadly no. I listen to music that fits the mood of the scene I am writing, so there are lots of different songs I’ve used for mood music over the last 6 books in the Immortalis series.

As for a cast of players, Oh that is so much fun!! Here are my dream actors for each important character in the series.

Alyssa - Deborah Ann Woll

Lysander - Sam Trammell

Nicholas – Eric Bana

Rozaline – Julianne Moore

Crystal – Scarlett Johansson

Drew - Chris Hemsworth

Kallisto - Angelina Jolie

Edmond - Ralph Fiennes

Fallon - Michelle Williams

Aiden - Ben Barnes

Brady - Alex Pettyfer

Zuri - Beyoncé Knowles

Ian – Ian Somerhalder

Kitara - Emily Browning

Hmmm, going through that list, it appears I have a thing for Aussie actors and actresses. LoL. I guess I do!

So, for those of you who might have read the series, or even just the first book, what do you make of the list? Any other actor/actress suggestions for me? Leave a comment for Katie with your suggestions, guys! I'll just be over here wiping the drool from my chin...Chris Hemsworth, Ben Barnes, Ralph Fiennes, and Eric Bana in the span of a few seconds was a little much for me! ;) 

Katie Salidas is a Super Woman! Endowed with special powers and abilities, beyond those of mortal women, She can get the munchkins off to gymnastics, cheerleading, Girl Scouts, and swim lessons. She can put hot food on the table for dinner while assisting with homework, baths, and bedtime… And, she still finds the time to keep the hubby happy (nudge nudge wink wink). She can do all of this and still have time to write.

And if you can believe all of those lies, there is some beautiful swamp land in Florida for sale…

Katie Salidas resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mother, wife, and author, she does try to do it all, often causing sleep deprivation and many nights passed out at the computer. Writing books is her passion, and she hopes that her passion will bring you hours of entertainment.

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