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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION MONTH & Book Review: Letting Go by Carrie Lange

I was approached by Carrie Lange to see if I would read her book and review it. She explained what it was about, and directed me to her website. I readily agreed and pushed it up on my reading list because I wanted the post during this month. September 2013 is National Suicide Prevention Month.

I would like to re-iterate Carrie's sentiments before even talking about the book. Please, hang on for one more day. Please know that life means hope. That you are worth saving. Do not give up. The following button will take you to the National Suicide Prevention website, but if you need that number now. You are not alone.

This young man has it right. We need to stop the stigma.

When Dan put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger, he thought it would all be over, but he soon learns that in death, just like in life, you don't always get what you want.

As he watches the consequences of his suicide he meets Tar, a benevolent spirit who tries to help him let go of his life on Earth and move on to 'real Heaven'. A dark, tormented spirit is drawn to Dan's fiancée, Anne, as she struggles with her grief and guilt, becoming her constant companion.

Dan hopes that with Tar's help, he can find a way to save Anne and her three-year-old daughter from the shadowy spirit. However, things aren't always what they seem with spirits, and Dan begins to wonder who it truly haunts.

All proceeds donated to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

Letting Go is like ‘The Five People You Meet in Heaven’ told from both sides of Heaven, ‘The Lovely Bones’ meets ‘A Grief Observed’. It’s a character-driven narrative exploration of grief, mental illness, suicide, regret, and letting go of things that cannot be changed. An emotion fueled drama which will make you cry, and sometimes laugh (or at least chuckle on the inside).

This story will touch the heart of all those who have struggled with forgiveness and letting go of things that cannot be changed. It will also provide comfort to the victims of suicide, who often suffer silently with their guilt and shame, and to anyone who has experienced profound grief, or depression.

It is the author’s hope that this book will save lives by giving pause to someone who is contemplating suicide, if only long enough for them to reach out for the help they need.

A_TiffyFit's Review: This was a very moving book that explores not only those who commit suicide, but the aftermath for the survivors: the ones they left behind. It is incredibly emotional, frustrating, and really makes you think about the thoughtless remarks that come out of people's mouths, even if they are well-meaning. Tar and Rale's story was just as heartbreaking as Dan and Anne's, and their inability to let go. This is not an easy read due to the subject matter at hand. It isn't a breezy book. It's thought-provoking, heartwrenching, sad, and yet...hopeful. There is hope. There is always hope. Dan thought everyone would be better off if he was no longer in the world, that his pain would stop as soon as he pulled the trigger. But it didn't. He had to learn to let go first, but how could he when he sees his Anne so tormented?

As you journey with Dan and Anne and others, I think you'll run a gamut of emotions from sympathy and empathy to shock to contemplation of people in your own life, etc. The bigger picture of this book is heartfelt and emotional and true: keep living. You are worth saving. Don't give up. When you need help, reach out and ask for it, either from someone you trust or that hotline. There are people to help. You are not alone. <3 <3 <3 <3

About Carrie Lange:
Wife. Mother. Suicide survivor. Believer in new beginnings and hope eternal.

Join me in my fight to end the stigma of mental illness and further the cause of suicide prevention and grief support.

You can connect with Carrie online:


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