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Monday, September 23, 2013

Blog Tour: FINDING ESTA, The Supes Series #1, by SHAH WHARTON

About the Book:

Luna yearns for love and acceptance, and for an end to her own chronic isolation. Unable to touch, she settles for the lover’s caress of a stranger who visits her dreams, and her only friends in the world are Shadows – spirits who reside within in her fragile mind, seeking refuge from the Shadow Lands. 

Always eager to earn parental respect, she attempts to solve a twenty-year-old child abduction case by travelling to Esta’s family home in Cornwall, situated on an abandoned cul-de-sac.Searching for clues to Esta’s tragic fate, she finds much more than she bargained for.

More alone than ever and desperate for answers, Luna struggles to retain a sense of identity, and the light grip on reality she’s been used to. Will she find Esta, and if so, will Luna live to tell Esta’s story?

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About the Author:
                                                                She reads, reviews, blogs and writes. She's the author of
The Supes Series: #1 Finding Esta - A New Adult, Urban Fantasy, and supports authors/writers on her blog, participating in book tours, running features and generally publicising the hard work of other authors. She loves theatre, stories, storytelling and spending too much time in her imagination. She lives with her husband and German Shepherd - Bobby - in Dubai. For a full bio & book details visit her author blog.

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A_TiffyFit's Review: I loved how this book grasped my attention immediately. It was a puzzle to figure out as you read. What IS she? Is she a psychic? An empath? Just someone with psychometry? Is she a vampire? Why can she SMELL this person who is trailing her? Is she ever going to grow out of this infuriating meekness? As Luna stumbles her way to learning more about the Whelan family, she discovers herself. And then discovers that the new Luna is still not who she is. And stumbles upon a new discovery. And just as it looks like she has a handle on it, she is ambushed again!

The only detraction to this book are grammatical errors that had me stumbling out of reader zone. The story kept me interested, the characters made me react (loathing, enchanted, growling at them, etc. What? You don't yell at the characters in the books you read? lol).

The tendrils Luna describes as her empathy is an apt description for this book's plot as well. There are players at hand and sticky fingers everywhere covering motives, hiding truths, and lying in wait with a sinister, menacing feel. You are worried for Luna at the same time as wanting to strangle her. I enjoyed this book so much! I cannot wait to read on and see what Luna does, see what she discovers, how she is going to save herself, and if it will be Drew or Abby or someone totally new that just sees her as Luna - not a warrior, not a leader, not a prophecy, but Luna.

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