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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Book Review: Nightsiders by Gary McMahon

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by Gary McMahon
Publisher: Dark Fuse
Published: April 2013
Length: 103 pages
Editions: e-book/kindle

Source: Netgalley

Keep repeating, it’s only a story, it’s only a story, it’s only a story…

Welcome to Number One Oval Lane, the last house at the top of the hill. Robert Mitchell thought he lived there with his wife and children, but he doesn’t. Not anymore. A new family—the Corbeaus—has taken up residence, and they are on a deadly mission for mischief.

Soon Robert will understand the true nature of ownership, and he will discover that real life is nothing more than a story…a horror story.

We're playing games now. We're just beginning.

Review: So..his wife's been beaten and raped and Robert is trying to mend their relationship and help her recover from this horrific event. The love is still there, but their relationship is struggling after such a horrific event. And then...he finds himself and his family without a home because a monstrous, scary family has moved into his newly purchased home while he and his family were away at the lake for a few weeks. The rural town that's supposed to help the wife and family is something out of a Twilight Zone episode. Through all of these highly charged, nightmarish events, Robert finds that he is asking himself if he is breaking down mentally. This non-violent soul suddenly has a lot of scary things to deal with...

Reading Nightsiders was just like watching one of those old horror films from the 60s and 70s. It was very fear-gripping for sure and it ends just the way that the protagonist, Robert, envisioned. Either all of them perish or there will be a lone survivor to carry on. Although I can't imagine how one could after the tragedies and horrors; I would hate to be a lone survivor.

This was a very good read, easily deemed one of the excellent horror books. Gary McMahon's prose, story, and characters kept me gripped by my throat, eager to read on. Definitely recommended.

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