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Friday, July 5, 2013

BLOG TOUR: Day 5 of 6, D.N. Simmons Knights of the Darkness Chronicles: THE LION'S DEN

Darian, Elise and Xander have been through very rough times in the past, but nothing has prepared them for the menace that is causing all kinds of havoc in their territory this time around. Chicago is at the mercy, or lack thereof, of a ruthless gang of supernaturals who seem to take extreme pleasure in other people's pain. In this game of cat and mouse, there's no way to tell who's the predator and who's the prey.

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A_TiffyFit's Review:
I think this is the most action packed of the 5 I have read so far! This one has a vicious, ancient vampire named Marcus and his coven, including a shifter lover. As we know now from the previous novels, drinking a master’s blood imbues some of his strength into you, enhancing whatever powers you may already have, whether shifter, vampire, or human. It worked to strengthen Natasha’s visions, it worked to strengthen Darian’s will so he could now see sunrise and sunset despite his “younger” age (compared to the ancients, younger).

Warning: There are horrific crimes in this novel. If you can’t stand watching Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, you will have a hard time with some scenes in this book. It is, unfortunately, true to life with the horrors that monsters force upon others, and some of it was really hard to read. Mutilation, rape, & murder of both adults and children.

The book starts off with Natasha’s pregnancy cravings and her asking Xavier and Darian to get her a juicy burger. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this is baby numero dos! I love how we get to see the every day lives of these characters: from Natasha’s nesting and cravings to how the two vamps spoil her to Christopher, the newest vamp, working in the club and learning about being a vampire, to Warren & Matthew’s daily job. Warren’s shock as Marshall asks if he was the one to turn Matthew was adorable! “No! Wait…you knew about me?!”

This one starts off with the crime and it is horrific. A shifter is murdered, flayed, and dumped on the door step of Desires Unleashed. From there, more and more crimes pop up faster and faster, forcing the captain of the S.U.I.T. unit to bring in reinforcements much to the dismay, and then later relief, of Warren.

The new coven on the scene is terrifying and terrorizing the citizens of Darian’s territory. Wickedly strong, horrific, evil, and smart, Marcus’s coven and Marcus himself are wreaking havoc. Lives are lost, not just the victims of the murders, but also during the fights: coven, pride, and pack lose members. We have a new shifter pack alliance, and really they are the reason why the coven is here, not that it makes it solely their fight alone.

It’s intense! D.N. Simmons kept me up late at night, turning my pages, wanting resolution, cheering them on during the fight, and finally…when it’s finished, there is another problem. And how does the book end? With this:

To Be Continued.
Oh yeah! … I ended this on a cliffhanger, baby!
Love ya!

*jaw drops* GEEEEZ. Okay! I get it! Onto the final book in the series! UNHOLY ALLIANCE

Tune in tomorrow to see how this story ends...well as much as I'm willing to give away anyway ;) 

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