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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Reminder - GoogleReader is going buhbye on July 1!

Just a reminder that Google Reader goes buh-bye on July 1st. If you haven't made the move yet to Bloglovin', what are you waiting for?! 

The consensus is that GFC will shortly follow on the heels of Reader's demise since it basically just adds a blog to the blogger dashboard. If you liked Google Reader (and GFC), I suggest Bloglovin. It has a similar feel and I really love it.

Here's some pointers:

Get Bloglovin for your Blog
Step One: Head to Bloglovin and sign up with your email and then find the ‘claim blog‘ button.

Step Two: Then enter your blog URL (for example: and click on the result.

Step Three: Then copy & paste the code that Bloglovin provide you with into a widget in the sidebar (not like it says in a post!) and TAHDAH! You have now proven that the blog you’re trying to claim is in fact yours!

Step Four: Click on the thingy that says FOLLOW BUTTONS and choose one for your blog. Copy that code and paste it wherever you want it to be displayed, and you’re done!

Step Five: IMPORT THE BLOGS YOU FOLLOW You can import the blogs that you follow on GFC / Google Reader directly with BlogLovin now. A. Go to this page, B. click on ‘Google Reader’, C. Click "Import from Google Reader", D. Enjoy reading on Bloglovin!

Here's a screenshot of how it's presented when you first look at the blogs you follow:

That's the initial feed above with the previews. And then here is what it looks like when you click on a post of a blog you read, complete with tool bar to navigate:

Tahdah! And thank you for reading my PSA. ;) 

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