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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Read Between the Lines Blog Tour: Severed Ties by Angie Skelhorn

Title: Severed Ties
Author: Angie Skelhorn
Genre: Paranormal/YA
Publisher: Damnation Books
Release Date: Dec 1 2012
Edition/Formats Available In: E~Book & Print

By the use of divination and magic, some ties can never be severed.
In the beginning, by the light of the Full Moon, Frankie connects with Candice's energy through dream time and witnesses her involvement in a terrifying act of violence. After receiving information from Sandra that their childhood friend is missing, they pack their bags and head to the inner city to find her.
Frankie, afraid for her own safety, has a chance encounter with a local named Calvin who is plugged into what's happening. Using his workable ideas—as well as Frankie and Sandra consulting tarot, ordinary playing cards, astrology, and spell-casting—they set forth to free Candice from the dangerous situation she is in.

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She paused, as if slightly stunned.  She had no reason to believe Candice’s situation would change.  “You delude yourself with unrealistic demands.  Freeing our friend has turned out to be far more difficult than expected.  First and foremost, I can’t get close to her.  She is oblivious to me.  I tried to capture her attention but my task could not be accomplished.  The transfer of thoughts between minds failed.”
                Frankie fought to keep her voice calm.  “I felt the energy build up within myself.  I composed a short and direct thought.  I sent out a strong flow of thought energy from my third eye.  The surge quickly evaporated.  I couldn’t control the message, the energy scattered.”
                Sandra sank back into the couch cushion and exhaled.  “Well, you might have been more successful had you been closer.  If the place was really busy their thought energy would cancel out yours.  Plus, I’m sure she couldn’t receive your thought message, the cord has been severed.  She’d not tuned in.  Her deep drug addiction fuels her.  We need to cast a spell so she will come to you.”

Author Information

My name is Angie Skelhorn and I live in Canada. My interest include tarot, and other forms of divination, astrology, spirituality, mythology and harness racing. I gear my writing toward Witchcraft and Spiritualism. I've been published in Circle Sanctuary Magazine and online at Witchvox, and
I authored No Reins and Till Death and Beyond - Publisher, Club Lighthouse Publishing. My newest release is Severed Ties - Publisher, Damnation Books- book launch December 1, 2012.

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A_TiffyFit's Review:
A very interesting novella where 2 young teenage girls set forth on a dangerous journey to save their friend. At times it was very frustrating. Why didn't these 2 girls just call their parents? The police? Once they located their friend, why didn't they have her parent(s) come with police to get her out of that situation and prove that they loved her?
A lesson to be learned about not judging those who make choices you wouldn't, as Frankie is constantly passing judgment on those in the city and needs to be reminded that they are people with feelings and circumstances have pushed them into where they are and what they are doing. What they do is not necessarily who they are. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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