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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Book Review: The Truth About Bras, Boobs, and High-heeled Shoes! Is There More to Life than Sex? by Ann Young

Title: The Truth About Bras, Boobs, and High-heeled Shoes! Is There More to Life Than Sex?
Author: Ann Young
Publisher: author published
Publishing Date: January 2013
Length: 137 pages
Edition: kindle
Source: Author gifted for an honest review

My new book The Truth about Bras, Boobs and High -Heeled Shoes! Is there more to life than sex? delves with humour and insight into some of the beliefs that exist in the mind of the modern day woman. From our bras and knickers, to shoes and romance, money and sex, discover with a touch of light heartedness, how we have been told to live our lives. Only then can we begin to understand the potential we have to turn things around, finally creating what we ourselves choose to create in our lives.

A_TiffyFit's Review:
If there ever were a book that I'd advise all women and girls to read in their life time, this would be the one. I wish I had the chance to read it when I was a much younger woman, as a girl. I think it would've played a big role in choosing my life's path. At least, it would have helped me to think deeper before jumping into things half-cocked and full of just emotions! Luckily for me that those leaps of faith worked out well and my life didn't fall off the edge of a cliff into the swirling miasma of muck.

What Ann Young does in this book is focusing and solidifying the ideas that we all are aware of in a concise, cognitive version that helps to define them and hopefully for us to put them into action for the changes that Young recommends. Many of us fail to fully mature in our mindset and go through life without cognition. Our bodies may mature with years spent living, but the minds haven't caught up with the aging body and we end up wondering, "What the hell happened?"

Ann Young attempts to help us, the readers, to "catch up" before that "WTH" moment happens. You can distinctly see that in her tale of her experiences and her discussion. Luckily for her, she's had these opportunities and the motivation to fully give it thought and go into action! What Young discusses isn't anything new, or a way of invention. What it is is that she is talented in her craft to help us see things as they are, and suggests to the readers to DO something about it rather than what most do: complain about it but do nothing to change it in the attempts to better oneself. 

Young doesn't say it outright, but many of us are lazy and terribly afraid of change. Unless of course we are thrown into a situation where you either sink or swim. So...are you going to take that leap of faith and swim? Or are you gonna just sink like a stone? When these situations happen, will you just continue to complain and stick to what is comfortable and not do anything about it, or will you fly?

Unless the reader is open to change and seeking a little guidance, this book will have no effect on them. But with those who are unknowingly, unconsciously seeking, this book will kindle that flame, give it the spark that it needs to go ahead. It is a good, rationally thought out discussion which may help young girls, as well as women of ALL ages, to get it focused and see at least how the society we live in is really like. And that that society really has a ton of room for improvement.

The next time they're reading women's magazines or young women's magazines, they'll see all the hype perpetuated in their attempts to sell products, thousands and thousands of products. How society knocks down all women just to get them to buy the latest panacea to aging, weight loss, beauty, hair, etc. 

Yes, Id' recommend this book to all women, and their men, to start a conversation. Perhaps it will be a start to some great changes for the sexes, to see ourselves for who we really are, and dammit, to finally be accepting of our selves and not worry about what others think so much! We will be more accepting of others as who and what they are and not judge a book by its cover if we can learn to accept ourselves and embrace our "content" as well as our "covers". 

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