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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Book Review with Giveaway: Born in Sin by Camelia Miron Skiba

Title: BORN IN SIN (Dacian Legends #2)
Author: Camelia Miron Skiba
Publishing Date: May 30, 2013
Edition: ebook
Source: Provided by author in exchange for an honest review

Loathing the thought of his beloved Oriana in the arms of another man, fearless Zyraxes delivers death upon the Roman enemy. With only the rugged land as his bed and the sky as his blanket, trouble finds him often.
Summoned to aid Oriana’s father in the war against two powerful enemies—one of them Oriana's savage husband—Zyraxes proves himself worthy of more than just noble titles and coin. But he wants none of it. What he wants is her.
When Zyraxes discovers a broken and nearly dead Oriana, though forbidden, he disregards her father's orders to leave her to her death, and instead chooses to protect and conceal her. Will saving her be enough to win her heart? Will his part royal lineage make him worthy of her love?

I did not read the first book in this series, which deals with the story of Ilias, Zyraxes' brother. I do not think it was detrimental to my enjoyment of this book at all! While I did not know the history of Ilias and his love, Nerva, daughter of the Emperor Traianus, it isn't necessary to reading about Zyraxes.

The book begins at the end of a bloody battle. Zyraxes is looking for his sworn blood brothers and Decebalus' heir, Ilias, one of his brothers but also his king, albeit now landless thanks to Roman invasions. This book focuses a lot on gory battles; fitting since Zyraxes is not just a warrior but a trained medicus, trained in medicine and herbal knowledge.

Zyraxes comments (internal dialogue) often on his amazement at the love between Nerva and his brother, Ilias. How could he fall for the daughter of the sworn enemy? A woman who was plotting his demise so shortly ago? Zyraxes himself loves someone, Oriana, the daughter of an ally, Livonium. But she was married off to secure the borders of Livonium's land and Zyraxes believes his love to be unrequited anyway. He throws himself vigorously into every battle, for what does he have left to lose? Even if she weren't married off, he never would've been able to marry her due to social standing differences. He is basically a mere peasant, not a noble like she.

The book follows Zyraxes as he and his band of brothers fight to secure their future. I had to look up where Dacia used to be as I was unfamiliar with the land and names, but we all know the inevitable outcome of the Roman empire. You don't see it in this book, but we all know!

Born in Sin has a lot of fight scenes, to be expected as it is Zyraxes' point of view we are hearing and seeing. The tone of the book is very masculine because of this: fight scenes, stoic outlook,  a bit dense in the matter of love, thoughts on medicine and how he can help, how he views others, etc. Skiba masterfully pulls this off. There are many books I've read before where a female author is trying to sound masculine for her hero and it just falls flat.

If you like books on early Roman times, focusing on the wars and skirmishes, seeing flashbacks to the time that was, and enjoy some really great bloody battle scenes, Dacian Legends is for you! While I have not read book one, I'll go out on a limb and say that it is more of the same from this world. I enjoyed the outcome of this book and see the potential for quite a few more stories in Dacia!

The author has generously offered a set of BORN IN VENGEANCE and BORN IN SIN ebooks to one lucky winner! PDF/Kindle version for Vengeance, PDF/Kindle/epub available for Sin!

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