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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Review: Dark Genesis by Dave Ferraro

Dark GenesisDark Genesis by Dave Ferraro
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a e-copy of this book through Read It & Reap's read to review opportunity. I loved it! As always, I am trying not to do any spoilers; this is definitely a book I want you to read and discover on your own as you read!

So...yes five stars. I loved the plot, the characters, and the relationship development. I liked the parallel universe, the monsters, and the action. This was SUCH a satisfying read, although I do admit to panicking around the 80% mark as my kindle was telling me I only had 40 minutes left and wondering how this is going to end!

From the beginning, this book is ripe with action. That was a helluva way for our MC to wake up and what a way to start the book. As she wakes up and assesses the scene around her and then just begins to lay waste to the vamps she encounters, I was cheering "GO BUFFY! I MEAN ALYSSA!" But this is no simple Buffy-esque plot.

I thought the ties from this parallel universe to ours was incredibly smart: the Japanese covens and their ability to meld into shadows like the ninjas of our world, the mythological beasts come to life and HOW they came about in this world, the creation story of Lilith, with no Eve in sight.

The draw between Parker & Alyssa was well done; sweet romance without overblown sex scenes. I liked how the characters developed and how their friendships solidified.

Lots of paranormal monsters, a bit of steam punk, a bit of fairytale, a bit of horrific bug monsters, a kickass heroine who only has one moment of true despair (she's definitely not whiny), and blossoming love affairs, this was a GOOD read. Highly enjoyable.

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