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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

{Book Tour} Vampire Vic by Harris Gray - Book One.

“Victor Barton Thetherson has a self-esteem problem. His ex-wife bullies him. He is manager in a construction accounting firm, yet his staff makes fun of him. His teenaged daughter pretends not to know him. Moreover, she’s not above finding fake fathers to act on his behalf. It seems as if nothing is going well in his life. Oh, and he’s a vampire.” 

Praise for the Series

“The writing in Vampire Vic is lively, smooth, and commercial.  Vic is an extremely sympathetic protagonist, and his struggle to unleash his true vampiric potential and assert himself is a struggle that a lot of readers can relate to. There is a great voice to the writing, and Vic’s internal emotional arc is well-developed.” - Judge, Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards (score 24/25)

“A vampire’s entertaining journey of self-discovery.” - Kirkus Reviews

From Readers on Amazon and Goodreads

“Truly a great book about defining oneself.  Definite read for all of us looking for a new take on the old Vampire.”

"The author's fantastic character development and unusual plot kept me captivated from the
beginning to end. A nice entertaining read that I would recommend to all fantasy fans.”

“A fabulous book and one I would highly recommend.  Even if you think you are sick of vampires, please do yourself a favor and read this book. The writing style is unique and intriguing, and something I’m sure you will enjoy.”

“This unique book draws you in immediately with a storyline that hasn't been done before. The

character development is tremendous, leading the reader to feel compassion, empathy, sadness, anger, and humor throughout the book, because the characters are so relatable. In fact, some of the gut-wrenching difficulties we each go through in relationships are illustrated so vividly, that you forget this book is about a vampire! I found myself drawn to the humanness of Vic, yet rooting for him to bite people!”

Biography of Harris Gray

Harris Gray combines the writing talents of duo Allan Harris and Jason Gray. Together, they have written three novels, two screenplays, a Christmas play and a collection of stories from Jason’s younger days. An early version of their novel Java Man was a finalist in the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers contest.  Allan is a former guest columnist for The Denver Post and Jason owns Crowfoot Valley Coffee and Crowbar, land of rumor and embellishment.
Their collaboration began in Jason’s coffee shop. Allan wrote and eavesdropped as Jason entertained his customers. One day, Allan found a little yellow notepad waiting for him, crammed to the margins with Jason’s exploits. Allan typed them, touched them up, and called it good; but Jason had other ideas. As their tales converged and became inseparable, Harris Gray emerged. While the two couldn’t be more different in how they think and write, Harris says, “There is something wonderful and incredibly cohesive when we create a story together.” In Gray’s words, “We’re something less than Sybil and more than Siamese twins.

Vampire Vic, the first installment in the darkly funny and relatable trilogy, launched in March 2013. Readers can add the follow-up, Vampire Vic2: Morbius Reborn, to their bookshelves this fall. Harris Gray also released their standalone novel Java Man in November 2013. 

I'm on the tour and get to read BOTH books in this fresh series. Without rehashing the plot too much, I will tell you that Vic the Vampire isn't the vampire you expect. He's clinging to his humanity, refusing to drink blood that doesn't come from a blood bank, and is so...normal. He's wishywashy with a doormat personality that made it hard to like him initially. When you realize just how NORMAL he is, you start to pay attention more and start cheering for him to go and BITE someone. And then you have people you just want him to bite to death.

Rather than the sparkly vampires or the sexy warrior vampires that seem to define the paranormal genre, we have Vampire Vic...and somehow I think that, should vampirism be truth, this is how it would play out, completely with neighborhood slayer wanna be.

A vivid, funny tale of a newborn vampire who isn't very vicious at all...

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