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Monday, February 10, 2014

{Spotlight} In Her Bones by Natasha Kingston, Bearing Gifts series

I'm excited for today's spotlight! This is a new (to me) indie author and this series is going to have a novella published EVERY MONTH. Each novella will feature someone who is "gifted" and their adventures and trials! How amazing does this sound?! ~Tiffany

In Her Bones
Bearing Gifts, Book One
by Natasha Kingston
Self published
Published February 3, 2014

"In Her Bones" is the first book in an ongoing fantasy adventure series called "Bearing Gifts". Each installment continues the story of a group of 'gifted' people, caught in a world rapidly changing from the one we know into a place of frightening and ancient magic. 

Vain, fun-loving Violet Muñoz has nothing on her mind but what to wear to her company's Halloween party and how to juggle all her dates...that is, until something uninvited forces itself into her mind. 

Worried and bewildered by what is happening, she feels compelled to ignore her instincts and common sense in favor of complying with this mysterious force, but the results seem to be nothing but trouble. 

Just when she thinks she can continue to live her carefree life and simply ignore this unsettling energy, tragedy strikes, and Violet is forced to confront the reality that nothing in her world will ever be the same. 

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